Aqua S | Chatswood | Sydney | Australia

Sydney's appetite for iced confections is apparently boundless.

Today I found myself in Chatswood for a bit of brunch and shopping with my friend Dena. Earlier we hit Chimichuri where we ate soft shell crab, cuban sandwiches, and poached ruby pears. To top off the afternoon we stopped for a treat at Aqua S in the Chatswood Westfield.


Today I ate Lychee Soft Serve.

I think I am slightly obsessed with Aqua S soft serve. My first encounter with the dessert was a couple months ago when bestie Nancy introduced me to an ice-cream topped with popping candy sitting on a cloud bed. Sure, that cloud bed was really candy floss, but ever since I just love going to Aqua S. Their desserts always make me so happy, and admittedly there is always a fantastic photographic opportunity that you can eat afterwards ;)

This fortnight's new flavours are Lychee and Matcha Green Tea, two very classic flavours that only Aqua S seem to do justice.


And then I ate my own Matcha Green Tea soft serve with a Palmier and a Toasted Marshmallow.

I had some fun adding a bunch of filters and layers to these photos to make them look starry and magical, because quite frankly they really are.