Sticky Fingers Kitchen & Bar | Surry Hills | Sydney | Australia

Calling all Pandan-fanatics!

Good morning foodies, and welcome to another Fat Friday with Chef D and myself, Kera the Bear that eats!


Our journey brings us to a sleek joint in Surry Hills just off Oxford Street called Sticky Fingers.

Known for their creative Asian menu and crazy colourful plating, the Sticky Fingers' kitchen has a reputation for producing some of the most interesting desserts, most are popular across Instagram and other social media, like their famous Pandan Pancakes. 

Having grown up surrounded by Laotian, Thai, and Chinese culture, Chef D loves Pandan, a popular green leaf that is used in many Asian desserts. So obviously we just HAD to go try their Pandan pancakes immediately.


Golden Cobra coffee

Sticky Fingers serve The Golden Cobra, a coffee bean roasted in Marrackville, Sydney. Golden Cobra do a variety of roasts for espresso and specialty coffee, and although they have been around for at least a decade, they keep themselves very low key, which explains why I hadn't heard of them before today.


Today I drink a V60 pour over (Ethiopian) 

Pleasant taste, mellow, and aromatic. More malts than fruit and florals, rich in body. 


Today Chef D ate Peter's Pancakes with seasonal fruits, coconut ice-cream, chocolate crumble sand, and a milk tea pour over

Look at that colourful stack! Sticky's creativity really does shine through, from the green Pandan Pancakes to the array of fruits sitting atop chocolate sand, and that milk tea pour over is simply more perfect than maple syrup.


Today I ate the Pandan Panna Cotta with Sticky Finger's granola, yoghurt, toasted almonds, toasted coconut, mixed seasonal berries, and a milk tea pour over

It's times like these where I remember that cooking is an art, and that chefs are artists too. I admire the way that everything on my plate resembles a tropical rainforest, which I'm guessing is a homage to home in the countries of Southeast Asia. 

I loved my Panna Cotta dish, so rich and creamy and absolutely scrumptious. My only regret is that I didn't get more!


If you love Asian fusion, or if you are a die-hard Pandan-fanatic, you will love this place! I hope you have liked this post and will find your next favourite at Sticky Fingers Kitchen and Bar.