Cow & the Moon | Enmore | Sydney | Australia

"Busy coffee and gelato bar whipping up flavours like balsamic strawberry and salted banana caramel."

It's still a little chilly outside, but no matter the weather there is always an occasion for something sweet, rich, and ice-ice-cold - and let's be real, who says no to a cup of delicious gelato? ;)


Today I ate the Almond Affogato gelato.

There is a lot of great gelato out there, but nothing trumps the Almond Affogato in the heart of Enmore. Cow & the Moon's award-winning Almond Affogato gelato won the top prize at the Gelato World Tour title in Rimini, Italy - which means that this little beauty is the best gelato in the world, and they beat even the gelato competitors in Italy!

The secret is combining caramelised almonds sourced from Italy with single origin coffee on a Madagascan vanilla base. The result, a smooth and silky dessert with great texture and flavour. 

And if you're wondering what it was like, let's just say it didn't take me long to finish it ;)


I'm back on Zomato!


Cow & The Moon


This place has an awesome vibe, great funky decor, friendly staff, and a GRAND selection of gelato just waiting to be scooped for your pleasure... They also do specialty coffee!