Hello my beautiful foodies and friends. 

This blog piece is dedicated to one of my favourite matcha cafes, Cafe Creasion.  The cafe has accumulated quite a fan following over the years with their selection of quality home-baked matcha treats, innovative dishes, and captivatingly spacious a decor that reflects Japan’s love of minimalism, which aims to enhance the experience of cafe goers giving them a place of zen away from the hubbub or crazy city life; it is in the heart of the Sydney, after all. 


Creasion’s space is marked distinctly by its structural architecture, inside and out. Vertical and horizontal lines draw your attention in towards the serving area, and upwards towards the high ceiling and “potato” lights (as overheard from a small child marveling above them). A single tree stands grounded outside the building, which intentionally (or unintentionally) provides a symbol of strength, solidarity, and zen, reminding visitors to appreciate all forms of natural beauty in the world, even in a world of concrete.


Single O Coffee

One of the most popular coffee beans used in Sydney, Single O’s Killerbee blend is the ideal choice for Cafe Creasion in terms of strength and flavour: mild acidity, ideal for both milk and black coffees, sweet on the palette. What I love the most though is the cups, which are hand-crafted with Japan’s most finest porcelain.


Matcha Latte

Take a seat and unwind with a bowl of your favourite matcha latte. Made with only the finest imported high grade 100% matcha green tea, you know that there is nothing by goodness with every sip. I prefer my matcha latte with almond, but this one is made with soy.


Chiffon Cakes

Who can resist a light, fluffy, and airy chiffon cake with a rich, creamy matcha middle? Creasion’s chiffon cakes can be bought as one slice, or in a log to share. Also available in black sesame.



These hand-made macaroons are not only cute but delicious. They come in a range of flavours including my favourite: Lychee Raspberry.


Matcha Lava Cake

This seemingly small dish is a flavour force to be reckoned with. On a bed of finely ground nuts sits a perfectly round sphere of matcha ice-cream, next to a dense chocolate cake filled with matcha lava. The best part is pouring that green tea gold on top.


Look at that beautiful ooze.


Papanui Eggs

It is true that some people come here JUST for the scrambled eggs. Papanui Eggs are certified Open Range eggs from Papanui, a property located near Merriwa in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. The chooks have complete freedom to roam as far as they like every day, and are not contained by any fences, which is what is believed to produce the fluffiest, most golden, delicious eggs that are worth $12 a plate. Adding smashed avocado is also recommended.


Other treats

Creasion also have a selection of cookies, baked in-house and fresh on the regular. Great choice to have with your daily coffee, or something sweet to round off those delicious eggs you just had.

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