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A South Western Side story

@coffeebygw (Josh + Lars)


This week my foodie journey takes me to the South Western side of Sydney, a suburb called Revesby untrodded by my own two feet, food yet to be had by my taste buds, 25 kilometres away from home, and also five times the distance travelled on a daily basis. Today called for something special, however, for we had been cordally invited by Josh, Lars, and Alex to try their food and in the meantime get some awesome pictures for their social media.


But first... coffee.


Today I drank a S.O. Cold Brew roasted by Gabriel Coffee

Today's brew comes from the El Pilon farm in Costa Rica, with flavour notes of creamy papaya, mango, golden syrup and blackcurrant. It was not as heavy as I expected which was quite exciting, but I could really taste the buttery-ness of the papaya and mango.

Canon EOS M10294.jpg

With every cup a spoonful of passion

Even though the main event was the food, I couldn't help but feel inspired by the passion and dedication of the baristas at Coffee by GW. Packing two espresso machines, one for their light-roasted black coffee and the other for milk blend (or both), a Mythos and an EK, Josh and Lars take their coffee very seriously, even for a small minimalistic space in the Western outskirts of Sydney. I was truly humbled by their love for the small cherry bean and gladly took in a small lesson in coffee extraction and roast consistency. Once they learnt I was also a barista, they were more than happy to indulge me in a Costa Rican espresso, which by the way was superb. You know the feeling when you taste something for the first time and it completely stops you in a moment of utter bliss? That was my espresso, bro. 


Let's eat!

As already disclosed we were invited to eat here to take photos for Instagram, but let's be clear: Kera Bear does not dedicate hours of her unpaid time to write blogs about food she does not like, so this was definitely something special.


Practicing the Flatlay

Having recently learned the art of the flatlay by Robbie @itd_be_rude_not_to the day before (read blog here), inspired by the digital artistry of Paul @paulpayasalad, and fanning the work of Jason Let's Eat @_lets_go_eat, Lazy Panda and I were more than eager to indulge in some flat pictures. Using Jason's wooden table backdrop as texture, and adhering to the newly acquired basics of flatlay, we managed to assemble this reasonably symmetric picture that is not only neat but also makes the food look absolutely delicious!


Today we ate the GW Toastie

triple cheesed with shaved leg ham, miso onion tomato relish, feta & jarlsberg

This was unexpectedly my favourite dish of the day. I am not a fan of bread, however I was sublimely impressed by what was sandwiched inside - the relish - it elevates the toastie perfectly and brings it to an entirely new level of goodness.

I highly recommend it!


Today we also ate the Spiced Korean Chicken Burger

with American cheese, citrus mayo, house slaw and a side of pickles

Three words put together: spice, Korean, and chicken and I am sold. There were more people in this world that loved burgers more than I, but I reckon after sampling this it's safe to say I am now in the top percentage of burger fans to ever live. It was definitely difficult to share this between Lazy Panda and Jason Let's Eat... I should have broken off a bigger piece! ;)

Canon EOS M10275-Edit.jpg

Today we ate the Pea & Feta plate

with textures of chargrilled vegetables, miso tahini & walnut dukkah

Whoever said vegetarian food was boring was wrong; for Pea & Feta is one of the most exciting veggie plates I'd ever laid eyes on, and it is as colourful on the eyes as it is healthy for the body. Clean eating has never been so easy in Sydney.


Desserts is Stressed spelt backwards...

We also ate desserts supplied by Brasserie Bread and plated by chef Alex Lando. While these items are not exclusively on the menu, Chef Lando jazzes things up if requested to be had dining in. On the left we have the Chocolate Caramel tart with chocolate mousse, honeycomb and seasonal fruits; on the right we have a berry tart slice with gelato figs, and fresh berries. Both were just brilliant. Of course the desserts will vary depending on what's available, buit after getting been given this, how could you want to have this to takeaway? <3

Canon EOS M10279.jpg

And here we have a picture of Jason Let's Eat getting a picture of Lazy Panda being not-so-lazy standing on the chair to get the perfect shot of her new lazy panda toy. Now that's what I call photo-inception!

It was quite a journey to get here, but being welcomed in the home of GW by Josh, Lars, and Alex and their team with great food and coffee made the trek worth it. If you feel like trying something new and don't mind travelling a bit to get there, this place should definitely be on your list. If you're a local and you haven't been here yet, you have no idea what you're missing. For a Sydney central city sider, I'll for sure be back, especially to relish in that yummy cheese toastie. 

Thank you for reading! Share with your friends, family, and other foodies! Please give feedback so I may always be improving my writing, photography, and finding new ways to stuff my face. Now go out and try more food and report back with your next favourite!

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