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Where is Suzy? Probably over in the corner eating crepes.

Creperie Suzette offer two types of crepes: galettes (savory) and crepes (sweet). All crepes are made with buckwheat flour which makes them gluten-free, and they are also dairy-free because they is NO MILK in the batter. However, there is still egg in the batter so it NOT vegan-friendly.


I have always placed crepes and pancakes under the same classification: flour, milk, and eggs - the only basic difference is the raising agent that makes pancakes fluffy as opposed to flat. However I have come to understand that crepes and pancakes though similar serve different purposes: you can typically eat pancakes for breakfast, but you can have crepes anytime. At Creperie Suzette, it's all about enjoying crepes no matter what time of the day.

Been wanting to come here ever since one of my Instagram foodies posted a picture of their beautiful galette saying how yummy and crispy their crepes were. I consider myself a French food lover but never have I really enjoyed crepes because the ones I've had are usually soggy.

(Sorry for the low-grade photos, we all have bad days...)


Coffee art "BEAR" by David.

Here the barista will make you whatever latte art you want. Most people order cats and bears, but supposedly he can do a seahorse and even a unicorn!


La Tasmanienne Salmon Galette

I can rarely resist a Smoked Salmon galette, especially when there are capers and dijon mustard creme fraiche involved. There was lots of cheese in mine which tasted really good when it was warm, but hardened and it was overwhelming on the palette. I would have really enjoyed more capers with my galette, but I understand that most customers don't like caper overload.


La Caramel Au Beurre Sale

Caramel sauce, almonds, and ice-cream. A simple crepe to satisfy any caramel lovers' needs. It's sweet but not too sweet, and the texture of the slivered almonds give it a nice crunch.


La Fraise

Fresh strawberries, dark chocolate, ice-cream and walnuts. The prettiest crepe, and packs a nice flavour punch in comparison to the La Caramel. It is sweet on bitter on sour and creamy, and it works like a dream.

Instagram factor: the space is really cute and vintage. Great photos will be taken by the window, or by the door when it is open. Flat is best, for you will get the best detail and maybe the art deco tile floor. Don't forget to order those animal latte art coffees!

Rating on Zomato: 4/5

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