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Egg porn turns my taste buds on.

We have all had those days, when nothing is going right in your day and all you need to do is sit down with someone you love and admire some good old egg porn.


Let's eat!

Sometimes when there are problems in your life that are hard to beat, there are always eggs that will never fail to crack. Today, it is all about the eggs, and Devon on Blue has plenty of them.


Today my Love ate the Ragu Alla Sichuanese

with coriander taglialinia, Dan Dan styled chilli minced beef, peanuts, burrata, and slow cooked egg

First of all, what is Dan Dan? Dan Dan (also written dandan or dandanmian) is a Sichuan-style Chinese noodle dish consisting of minced pork, chilli oil, Sichuan pepper, scallions and a spicy sauce with pickled vegetables, served over noodles.

This Ragu Alla Sichuanese is a cross-cultural dish with elements of Italian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern with red-hot Sichuan spice, bright bodily burrata flavour, finsihed with a lush and creamy egg just waiting to be broken through. In fact, this dish is incomplete without the egg yolk swirled through, so you better be into that yolk porn darl!


Today I ate the Omurice with prawns

a Japanese omelette, garlic butter rice, topped demi-glaze

An egg porn day would not be complete without a serving of Omurice or omu-rice (オムライス Omu-raisu), which is a savoury rice with a soft omelette and spooned with demi-glaze aka brown sauce. This dish is a Western-influenced style of Japanese cuisine, enjoyed by both cultures alike with many variants and flavour combinations.

Though not a very "pretty" dish, what omurice lacks in looks makes up for it in taste. It is both a flavour and texture bomb: rich savoury rice with crispy prawn pieces, topped over a silky smooth omelette, with a glaze so gorgeous it could be gobbled whole.


Who says egg porn can't get a little bit dirty? ;)

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