A beautiful addition to the Cuppa Flower family, comes Fika, located in the student end of the city, Chippendale. The menu concept is similar to Cuppa Flower, but with some slight tweaks, in presentation and in flavour. 

”Fika”, in Swedish means to have a “state of mind”  to make time for friends and family over food and drink everyday. The cafe is just that - a beautiful space to enjoy delicious food, and bond with your friends over tasty cakes, and snap a selfie in front of the gorgeous flowers on display, at any time of any day.

Starting with the drinks. Raspberry soda on the left, and Butterfly Pea Lemonade on the right. I was pleasantly surprised to find that neither drinks were overly sweet, which meant I could enjoy more of it, because if you don’t know, I don’t actually have a sweet tooth!


Scrambled Egg Crab Croissant.

A special item (off-menu) is the Scrambled Egg Crab Croissant. Beautifully presented, I enjoyed the spicy Sriracha mayo with the fluffy scramble. I would have preferred the croissant to be toastier, more crab meat on the eggs, and a bit more seasoning, but overall this is a tasty dish.


A Cuppa Flower Classic, Granola

This beauty is served with yoghurt, seasonal fruit and honey. At first impression, I was afraid that it was going to be another overly sweet dish like from Cuppa Flower, but to my absolute delight the yoghurt was unsweetened, which balanced well with the granola and honey glazed fruit.

Would I eat this again? Absolutely, on the condition the yoghurt is unsweetened.


French Toast, and Mushrooms on Toast (in flatlay picture)

Another special, the French Toast with caramelised banana and seasonal fruits; another surprisingly good dish that wasn’t too sweet. I enjoyed the vanilla biscuit crumb the most, it provided a nice texture with every mouthful of toast.

Mushrooms on Toast, the fan favourite of the group today, with charcoal toast and various types of mushrooms, parmesan, and a poached eggs on green leaves. A delicious combination of flavours, this dish would make a great savoury breakfast that is also light and vegetarian friendly.

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