Good evening my fellow foodies!

Hands up if you enjoy a good pancake! Of course you do; pancakes are a staple in the Western diet, and now, considered an appropriate meal for the health conscious and fitness enthusiasts alike - if prepared properly; in comes Hale & Hearty, advocates for the I Quit Sugar campaign brings healthy food choices for everyone, health conscious or not, and it’s delicious.

I’ve been a (quiet) regular at Hale & Hearty ever since I came to Sydney two years ago. Even though I take pictures of a lot of brunch food, I actually prefer to eat wholefoods whenever I get a chance. That’s why I love H&H so much; think chia flour, coconut milk, quinoa, protein rich pancakes, a variety of plant-based dishes and NO WHITE SUGAR in anything; and it is this great food philosophy that keeps me coming back.


Blueberry Pancakes with yoghurt, coconut chips and maple syrup

One of their popular pancake choices. Gluten free made with Rice flour, Coconut Cream, Eggs and Panela Sugar. As you can see from the description, nothing processed at all. Are these tasty pancakes? I would describe it as clean and wholesome, tasty for those who prefer their pancakes less sweet due to the lack of sugar - aka good for me! The only criticism, perhaps a bit too coconutty because I couldn’t taste much of anything else, and the blueberries were quite sour.


Black Sesame Avocado Toast

I can’t afford a mortgage because I eat too much Avocado on Toast.

I definitely made the right choice ordering this. It is no wonder why Smashed Avocado always sells, because you really can’t go wrong with avocado, it’s such a tasty fruit! The sesame flavours balance well with the creamy avocado, and I enjoyed the crispy freshness of the greens on top. I ordered an egg on the side, but the dish doesn’t need an egg at all to be tasty.

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