Did someone say… ALL YOU CAN EAT SHABU?

A NEW restaurant has popped up and it’s already creating a buzz! The long awaited Beijing famous Shabu restaurant Izu Village has opened up its doors and it lies the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Buffet styled dining in 90 minutes, from $38 per person for lunch and $68 for dinner.


The first thing you notice about Izu, is the cats.

Cats have a very special place in Japanese people’s hearts.

The cat is believed to bring good luck and wealth.

There is even an island called “Cat Island” where the entire island is home to many, many cats; not to mention Cat temples and shrines…

The Japanese are cat crazy, perfect for me.

The decor is beautiful, simplistic, very Japanese. The cooking stoves work via induction, which are built straight into the table.

In terms of food, Izu Village’s philosophy is simple:

Make the customer happy, that’s all it takes to create a successful restaurant.

They do this by giving what the customer wants: what they like, and what each person likes is different.

So how do you cater to a whole crowd of different tastes?


Like other BBQ restaurants where you are spoilt for choice, at Izu you only get to pick 4 kinds of meat: wagyu chuck, wagyu roll, pork shoulder, and lamb shoulder.

However, you get to pick between 10 kinds of broth: Sukiyaki, Collagen Milk Pot, Naberyo-ri, Tom Yum, Kelp, Tomato, Miso, Curry, Super Spicy, and Taiwanese Wulao; that’s what makes customers keep going back to Izu for more.


As we are guests in their home, the evening starts off with Green Tea Plum Wine. It’s a light drink at a mere 7%, but it tastes less strong than a beer.


Sashimi Platter with Salmon, Tuna, Clam, Scallops and Scampi

It’s an all-you-can-eat shabu, but you can only order one platter per table at the start of the meal. For good reason too, the sashimi here is very high quality.

I would know, I ate all that salmon on my own ;)


How do you know a restaurant is great? They come by and peel the scampi for you, if you want. Now that is what I call service!


Getting a broth refill, because one serving of Sukiyaki isn’t enough.

If it weren’t obvious, this one was our favourite!


With only four types of meat cuts available, you know it’s going to be some of the best on the market.

The most trays anyone in the history of Izu is 36 trays of wagyu.

I only managed to get through 3!


This is what FCBA events look like! We treat food like a celebrity.




There’s always second stomach for dessert. Izu do 10 kinds of dessert, including gelato, bingsu, creme brulee, cream pudding, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and almond parfait.


Raindrop Cake

Who here likes this stuff? It just takes like a watered down slightly salted 5% sugar jelly water to me. I’m not saying I didn’t like it though.

Address: 630 George Street, CBD
Price Guide (approx): $38+ not including drinks.


  • Great value for money for what you get

  • Sophisticated buffet style dining

Needs Improving:

  • Needs to put cat decorations on the ceiling, not just the walls!!! :D

Thank you FCBA Community for extending the invite this lovely restaurant!

You can find Izu Village on Zomato.

Izu Village 伊豆野菜村 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato