Hello my fellow foodies, 

I had to run off to my next appointment before the Photoshoot ended, so today will be a little different to my usual stuff, for today I did not actually eat the food at Lil Miss Collins; instead I will attempt to explain how I photographed the following food items with angles, colours, and styling. 


Lil Miss Collins

When at any cafe of restaurant it is important to capture something of essence that is not just about the food or drink. This may include signage, walls or ceilings. I enjoyed capturing the LMC sign with the flowers and colours surrounding it.


Collins Sweetcorn Fritters

This dish is quite tall, great for a 80-85 degree angle shot. Placing it in front of empty space gives it great potential for bokeh, which is easy in a place like LMC. I tried to make sure I got a bit of everything about the dish including the kale, egg porn drip, avocado, and the thick toast slice.


Smashed Pumpkin

Another tall dish, which would make it good for a high angle shot, however the hummus spray on the plate makes it far too pretty to miss. Instead I’ve opted for a 45 degree angle, keeping the camera lens flat against the build of the egg, pumpkin and toast, which allows me to keep the aperture open wide at f2.8 so capture even the asparagus at the back.


Portuguese Chicken Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Not my finest picture, however this is just to show that sometimes the photographer cannot be helped; the burger patty is either too small for the burger build, or the the burger has not been built properly. I was told, however, the burger was delicious, so looks aren’t everything.


Spring Pokébowl

Sometimes a dish just photographs itself. It’s true that if a dish is plated properly, if the restaurant or cafe has a beautiful interior and gorgeous natural light, literally anyone even with a smartphone can be a photographer. I wanted to show the beauty in the individual bits on the bowl. I made the mistake however of not bringing the spoon closer; the spoon and the bowl barely look distinguishable. It’s sfill a lovely composed photo, but could have been better.  


Eggs Benedict

I arrived to the session late, and found this dish already dismantled. It is however, unusually beautiful despite being sprawled out, so I took a picture anyway. This dish however, lacks height, and just looks like a pile of sauce, because it was poked the sh!t out of, and the yolk has left the egg. 


 Açai Bowl

This was the most beautiful dish of the day. The colours are mesmerising and an pleasure to photograph. This sort of bowl is best to be photographed flat, but I quite enjoyed the challenge of taking it at 40 degrees. I did however find it hard to open my aperture wide enough to capture detail, and lowering my shutter speed to compensate. I ended up losing most of the outrims of the bowl. A tripod may have been useful for this shot. 


Mascarpone Hotcakes

Every food photographer loves a good dessert, especially hot cakes or pancakes. Unlike pancakes that usually come tall, hot cakes are usually flat and wide, so it’s normally easy to shoot them flat. In this case we’ve got a citrus wheel and (what used to be) ice-cream, and maple syrup, so for this shot I opted for a low enough angle to see the syrup pour, but high enough to see the hotcake.



I’ve said this time and time again - I don’t really know how to do a good flatlay, the flatlay just tends to come on its own, or not at all. I think this flatlay was a success, because it is balanced and doesn’t have anything unnecessary. It helps to have a great looking table with texture, similar sized plates that are all the same shape, in this case round, and trinkets that actually look nice.

You will find more of my shots on Instagram or on my Gallery.