How would you feel about eating amongst 15,000 flowers?

I think that just sounds GORGEOUS.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple months, the new Queen of Cafes now makes her palace in Waterloo, and she brought her posse of florals with her.

You will find me anywhere there’s food or flowers; or you will find my second home that is here, at SOCIAL HIDEOUT in Waterloo.

I’ve been here more times than I can count, maybe about as many flowers as there are in the ceiling I’ve been here.

I come here for coffee, brunch, lunch, even just to take say hello and swipe a flower for my table - jokes - or is it ;)


SOCIAL HIDEOUT takes its inspiration from cafes, restaurants and eateries all over the world. They say there is not an idea that hasn’t been done - true; but to combine MANY IDEAS… that’s a different story. Audrey Hepburn street art (LA); the Floral trends sprawling across London; The Bathtub Gin served in an actual bathtub, and of course combining this with Sydney’s mastery of brunch… makes having a Social Disease a beautiful thing.


The atmosphere at Social Hideout, if not clear enough, is to make you feel like you’re dining in a floral fantasy wonderland. You are being transported to a world that is far beyond reality, only in your wildest dreams have you ever imagined. From the outside, it’s just a normal cafe, but inside it’s like walking into an abundance of possibilities.

The Iconic Audrey Hepburn would approve your breakfast.


Red Velvet Milkshake

How does Red Velvet Milkshake served in a cup shaped like a bathtub taste like?

Like a Red Velvet Milkshake served in a cup shaped like a bathtub.

Honestly, it’s just for the aesthetics, but you gotta admit it’s pretty unique.


Specialty Hot Chocolate

Taking Hot Chocolate to the next level. Add chocolate floss, extra chocolate syrup, a line of Cadbury Milk Chocolate and chocolate dust and it’s any chocolate lover’s heaven.

What I love about this drink is that it actually tastes like a Liquid Cadbury Bar.


Pannacotta Granola

If breakfast looked like this, you’d probably have it everyday!

The star of the dish is very much the Matcha Pannacotta. The texture is quite dense and super creamy, though not as Matcha heavy as expected.

The granola is nicely rounded and balanced with the fruit, the milk sauce adding the extra dimension and photogenic quality.


Taro Hotcakes

This is definitely the Social Hideout Signature.

After having Taro Hotcakes back at the Parramatta store and feeling underwhelmed, I am glad to see the chefs giving a fuller Taro flavour profile at the Waterloo venue.

The Black Sesame ice-cream, surprisingly does not overpower the Taro, but in fact enhances it nicely.

The texture of the pancakes is more dense than fluffy, but it doesn’t hinder the dish in any way.

For me, it is a beautifully instagrammble balanced dish that everyone should try, if anything for the photo.


Lamb Pot of Gold

The understated excellent dish that nobody seems to notice.

This is my absolutely favourite of the entire SH menu. Soft, tender lamb in a tomato based stew with beans, eggplant, and labneh - which gives the dish a tangy kick. The best part is, it comes in a insulated ceramic pot, which keeps the food hot even after 30 mins of photo shooting!

Even though it’s ideal for winter, it is still a comforter on those kinds of days you need some extra loving.

My only criticism, not enough labneh ;)


Red Benedict

My second favourite member of the family, Eggs Benedict on Pulled Pork on a Red Croissant.

If you love Eggs Benedict, this is your dish, especially if you also love Pulled Pork.

It’s not the crispiest of Croissants, but at least it’s red!


The Green Frenchie

Is this not the most fun meal you’ve ever seen?

The dish comes with a beautiful mess of mochi, flowers, fresh fruit, maple syrup and a banana on top of a crispy crusted golden french toast. It’s actually not as sweet as it looks, though the maple syrup does the job at overpowering it easily.

For extra effect, the staff are trained to caramelise the banana at the table.


Not only is the atmosphere here great, but the service is just way too fun!!


Breakfast is Tiffany

For the last month I’ve been here, SH have been offering an Audrey Hepburn cookie for each guest.

If you’re wondering what Tiffany tastes like… sweet, soft and chewy.


Address: Shop 4/5 25-33 Allen Street, Waterloo, Sydney
Price Guide (approx): $30pp


  • Creative space with 15,000 flowers

  • Taking everything over the top, risks have paid off tremendously

Needs Improvement:

  • The food flavours & textures lack the same finesse of the decor, however, it is early days yet!

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