Bon Voyage, today I take the path less travelled and going to The Squires Landing, of James Squires.

According to their website: The Squire’s Landing is Australia’s flagship James Squire Brewhouse. Developed in collaboration with renowned hospitality group, Mantle Group Hospitality, The Squire’s Landing tells the legend of James Squire; a convict on the First Fleet but perhaps more importantly, Australia’s first brewer.

I first heard of this James Squires fellow during last year’s Good Food Month pairing some of his signature brew with Kerby Craig’s Japanese tasting menu. It was truly fascinating getting to know how flavour profiles of the beers could pair so easily with our favourite foods; suffice to say I’ve been a fan of Squires ever since.


LAVENDER GIMLET with Ink Gin, lime, lavender

Today I opted not to have a beer, for I wanted one of the seasoned professionals in the art of cocktail making prepare me a delicious creation.


Crispy Skin Free Range Pork Belly with asparagus, cauliflower, pea puree and mushrooms

This was easily my favourite dish of the day.

A perfectly complimenting plate with a bed of beautifully prepared vegetables providing a variety of textures that truly brings out the flavours of the Pork Belly.

It is also beautifully presented; a visual representation of a faraway land of seen from a boat afar, possibly a sketch of James Squire’s travels?

Just a drizzle of the sauce to coat, and the dish is complete.


Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche with grapefruit, coconut, parsley, cucumber, charcoal bark

Another beautiful dish that truly captures the essence of Australia the Coral Reef, one of this country’s iconic wonders, and this plate of Ceviche transports you to a whole other world down under.

A very delicious dish, light and full of flavours.


The Daily Local Fish (Burramundi) with  petit pois à la française, lemon beurre blanc, pickles, cauliflower, caviar, sorrel

A sea voyage themed restaurant is incomplete with a Fish of the Day; today is Burramundi. As much as I admiring this dish, the fish itself was a bit on the bland side. The skin, however was perfectly crisp, and the vegetables beneath were superb.


Flatiron Steak with Chimichurri sauce and lemon, served with fries and leafy salad

Despite its appearance, was quite disappointing.

Sadly, every part of the dish was over salted, including the leafy salad.


Banoffee Pie with Banana, coeur a la creme, cinnamon crumble, caramel

Another uniquely presented dish, it looks like an island of food that draws you in closer.

It’s a beautiful dessert, however simply lacked enough toffee for my liking. Had there been enough, would have made this dish insatiable.


White Chocolate Parfait with strawberries, pistachio and flora

Another miss for me, for it lacked the aesthetic finesse of the other dishes, and lacked flavour dimension. Maybe it could have been better with a sauce or coulis.

Address: Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay, The Rocks, NSW
Price Guide (approx): $70pp


  • Great view by the water

  • Many beautifully presented dishes


  • A few Hit and Miss dishes