If you didn’t know, the Font Cafe is strictly a Vegetarian cafe, with Vegan friendly options.

What? A cafe serving brunch with NO MEAT?

Most of you now are either terrified or amazed. Fear not, Kerabeareats is ON IT.


I found out about FONT CAFE when I walked by their BRIGHT NEON GREEN SIGN one day while I heading out to try BUBBLE NINI. The two stores are in the same building, and is only across the way from another prominent local cafe SOMETHING FOR JESS.

“So many choices,” I thought to myself, “The university students around here are so spoilt!” Then I remembered how broke I was when I was a student - and my astonishment turned to humbleness and gratefulness; then my stomach grumbled telling me I needed to eat something STAT.


I enjoyed my inside experience more than being outside; the decor is a calming white with green aesthetics, obviously to emphasise the Vegetarian aspect of their brand. My favourite area of the cafe was this little corner (see picture below) where a touch of minimalism goes a long way.


As much as I enjoyed all the Christmas decor, I found it was difficult to shoot in such warm light.

Iced Red Velvet Latte (festive style) with whipped cream, edible mermaid table, candy cane.

A beautiful drink, heavy on the creamy Red Velvet Latte flavour. Loved the touch of the festive details for Christmas, though my mermaid tail kept sinking into the cream, which didn’t last very long before it melted in with the drink. However, this would satisfy any Red Velvet latte fanatic.

After realising all my photos were going to blush, we opted to move to their outdoor seating for the photos. There is no shade outside, however, luckily for us it was an overcast day.

The cafe owners were more than happy for us to take their decorations as photogenic aesthetics.


Cinnamon French Toast, Seasonal Fruits, Ice-cream, Maple Syrup (Vegetarian)

A Classic with a Waffle Cone Twist, because who doesn’t love a bit of height with their dessert.

The actual Toast part was sweet and fluffy, and held a slight crisp on the outside despite being drenched in liquids.

The granola could have been a bit toastier, for the dish lacked flavour dimension which would have justified spending $20 (or more); maybe extra fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) would have tied the dish together better.

Loved the candied elements on top of the toast, a first seen in Sydney for me.


Pan-a-Fresh Pannacotta with Granola, Coconut Chips, and Seasonal Fruit (Vegetarian)

Another cute dessert celebrating the festive season; Snowman not included I just added him in for decoration.

Despite looking a little rough on the outside and constantly falling off the meringue, the Pannacotta was actually quite smooth and creamy, though some fruit couli would have added an extra dimension.

Again, the granola was a bit bland and could have been toastier for my liking, but loved the seasonal fruits, and the candy canes were a nice touch (full disclosure: I didn’t eat them).


NEW! Iced Peach Tea Drink with Butterfly Pea Flower

Another Cafe to take on the Butterfly Pea Flower craze; when the Peach drink is poured into the cup of blue ice, the drink turns purple. This is the reaction of the citrus in the drink interacting with the ice.

The drink itself is more for the theatrics, but it was sweet, tangy and refreshing.

Boom Shaka Laksa with Vege Soy Prawns, Bean Curd, Fried Tofu Puff, Bean Sprouts, Seasonal Vegetables, Enoki Mushroom, Peanuts, Shallots, and served with Vermicelli (Vegan)

This bowl was my favourite, and (despite having the menu for half an hour didn’t realise) the entire thing was actually VEGAN!

The Soy Prawns had a convincing meaty texture.

The bowl was less “soupy” than expected, but I don’t think it hinders the dish.

The dish was spicy, but not in an overwhelming way.

The tofu was a bit too puffy, which made it a bit dry.

The Crescent with Chargrilled Eggplant, Hashbrown, Grain Salad, Sweet Potato Hummus and Corn Chips (Vegetarian, Onion & Garlic Free)

My second favourite dish of the day to taste, but favourite in presentation. For something so simple it is so elegant and complex. I enjoyed photographing this dish, it reminds me of a Ratatouille.

I consider this a light meal, even though it has hash brown.

Speaking of hash brown, it proves that Vegetarian meals don’t have to be boring - WHO SAYS NO TO HASH BROWNS???

The added toppings of feta, pomegranates, nuts, and freeze-dried fruits added a nice sweet touch.


Address: 2/8 Central Park Avenue, Chippendale, Sydney
Price Guide (approx): $30pp


  • Vegetarian and very Vegan friendly

  • A vast menu to reflect the above

  • Photogenic, instagrammable cafe

Needs Improving:

  • Some flavour combinations need improving, understandably not easy considering the nature of the cafe, but definitely doable.

Additional comments: Despite being in the CBD, there is on-street parking available around the area.


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