Hello and good evening my hungry foodies!

This afternoon I had an awesome feast at Vecino, a Korean Mexican fusion restaurant serving amazing Korean inspired chicken dishes in loads of different flavours and a combination of sweet, spicy, and sassy sauces. If you love Korean Fried Chicken, if you love Mexican flavours, then this is something worth trying out, especially if you live around the Canterbury area and don’t want to venture all the way out into the city for some great Korean food.


Vecino also does breakfast, which includes the usual suspects like eggs, pancakes, and breakfast burritos. They serve The Grounds coffee, which is a general crowd pleasing espresso of mild and sweet notes. I’ve only ever photographed Vecino’s breakfast menu, never tried it, so I cannot say if the menu is tasty. However, judging by how bright and red those pancakes are, I’d say they are at the very least, insta-worthy.



Today I didn’t have any drinks (it was 11am in the morning!) but I distinctly remember trying these “Vecinoritas” during my last shoot. These are over the top, crazy cool, but that’s what makes Vecino such a stand-out place to eat it - it’s FUN!


Signature Vecino Cocktails

Here’s something perfect for summer - if you feel in need of a refreshment, why not grab some of these? These Cocktails come with an icy Popsicle, don’t they look amazing right now?


Kimchi Fried Rice Mozzarella Balls with bacon, ground nacho, and gochujung aioli

A Korean take on the classic Italian Arancini ball; great concept but not well executed. The crispy nacho outer shell could not save the fact that there was little kimchi or bacon in the balls, and the rice was bland despite the delicious sauce on the side.


Veggie “Chicken” with Tortilla Crisps

You’d never know from looking at it, but these are actually cauliflower, and they were very tasty. Ours were cooked on the edge of firmness, which we liked, and it was well seasoned all the way through. The taco crisps were on the side were very crunchy.


Ghost Spicy Chicken Tenderloins

One glance at the words “ghost” and “spicy” is enough to send shivers down one’s spine. However, we were daring enough to brave the spice and were surprised to find that it wasn’t spicy at all.

When we spoke to our waiter about this, she explained that after several months of trial and error, they found most of the demographic in the area found their chicken to be too spicy, so they dulled it down. This is a very fair call, for there is nothing worse for a business than for them to be making food that people don’t like. We suggest that if you like spicy, ask for some extra spicy sauce on the side just in case.

Nonetheless, chicken was very tender and delicious.


Snow Crispy Chicken Tenderloins

This was my absolute FAVOURITE out of every item I tried today, why? Well it’s covered with loads of cheese of course, and it even comes with cheese sauce. Each tenderloin comes doubled up, fried and covered with parmesan cheese powder, with more cheese grated on top at the table, and served with a lovely helping of Vecino-made cheese sauce (for an extra $3.50).

Again, chicken was tender and delicious.


Sweet & Spicy

Part of the B.T.S special. Excellent coating, love the flavour of the sauce, but like the Ghost Spicy chicken, it lacked the spiciness I was anticipating.



All BBQ chicken lovers would love a piece of this. Vecino house-smoked BBQ sauce is an absolute hit, with just the right amount of smokiness for that extra depth of flavour.


Fried Teriyaki marinated

This was one my second favourite item on the menu; perhaps I have a soft spot for the old classic Kentucky Fried, especially when it comes to Chicken skin.

Fries, salad, and Onion rings on the side, all perfectly prepared and well seasoned.

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