Vino E Cucina is an Italian restaurant in Paddington.


You don’t have to look hard to find it, for it is quite distinguishable with their colourful table clothes and umbrellas, which is quite reminiscent of the streets of Italy and their colourful display of restaurants and cafes.


Walk to the other side of the restaurant, and there is a beautiful courtyard with plenty of seating, great for families, a date, or to catch up with your friends or work colleagues over good food and wine.


On rainy days, the courtyard becomes sheltered, so you can still enjoy a lunch or dinner out without being confined in.


Vino E Cucino were very eager to show off their cocktails, which I certainly don’t mind just one cheeky one during lunch. Do not worry if you do not drink, they can make almost any cocktail a mocktail if you just ask for one :)


Fresh Sydney Rock Oysters

Just look at these delicious morsels of goodness, and tell me you don’t want to slurp these up whole. You can tell how fresh these oysters are just by the colour, and look at how plump they are, you know they serve only the finest quality.

I prefer my oysters completely natural without any condiments, but a side of lemon or vinaigrette is a nice touch to take the edge off.


Ocean Trout Carpaccio

Isn’t she a beauty? Carpaccio is sort of like a sashimi platter, where the raw meat is sliced thinly and served cold and served as an appetizer. This dish is not only beautiful, but delicious with a balance of sweet acidity and freshness of the dill.


Truffle Mushroom and Sundried Tomato Risotto

This was a little off-menu, for the dish we wanted was unavailable at the time. Fortunately, this dish exceeded our expectations and turned out BETTER than the original. The Risotto is perfectly seasoned all the way through, with just the right amount of truffle that doesn’t overpower the dish but brings it together nicely.

This was my favourite dish. I finished this whole, and left none to share with my friend.


Beef Ragu Parpardelle

Another favourite from the table. Parpardelle is one of those classic comfort dishes that always make you feel good; who doesn’t feel good after a bit of pasta? Perfectly al dente pasta with tender pulls of beef, it is definitely one of my go-tos from now on.


Pumpkin Gnocchi

I’m starting to realise that my favourite food may be Italian! Gnocchi is another one of those crazily good dishes you can’t help ordering on the side, just to try it, then take home later - if there is any left!

Vino’s Gnocchi is absolutely superb. Every element is melt-in-you-mouth, soft to the bite, and full of flavour.



With so many proteins and carbohydrates on the table, it is important to balance it out with some greens. I always prefer to order Brocollini for it’s firm bite and lightness.


Polenta Chips with Truffle Aioli

Let’s face it, we only order Polenta Chips because it’s different - which is totally fine! Personally, I find Polenta Chips to be quite plain even though it may be seasoned well on the outside. That’s why the sauce has to be amazing, like truffle aioli, my friend and I were fighting for the last piece!


A very delicious meal at a very beautiful restaurant. Would I dine here again and spend some money? Absolutely 100% yes and I highly recommend this place to anyone who would to try some classic Italian food that is delicious and fresh.

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