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A play-on-words from one of my favourite challenge picture books "Where’s Wally".

Where's Wolli is the newest cafe to enter the realm of Wolli Creek, south of the inner city and a quick dash across the park from the Wolli Creek train station it is easily accessible.

With such a playful name, I wondered how this particular aspect of their identity would reflect in the menu.

Coffee on offer is by Di'Anthony. A partnership with his friend Dimitri, he and Anthony have perfected their own blend specifically for their cafe, calling it a mixture of both their first names.


On the menu today: Avocado Tartine, Autumn Waffles, and Chocolate Tart.


Avocado on toast is always a winner, but Avocado Tartine is an absolute superstar in its own right.

The Avocado Tartine is a humble dish; it doesn't pretend to be different and yet it sets itself apart from everyone else. Crispy bread with light avocado puree (not smashed avocado), rocket greens, sweet pomegranate salsa and topped with a little bit of goats cheese on a bed of savoury, rich beetroot hummus; something so basic yet incredibly good. The dish's flavours are perfectly balanced and textures are bang-on!

Note: I waited about 20 minutes to eat this dish while it was going cold, and even then I still finished the plate. That was how good it was!


There's a lot you can say about a cafe simply judging by their waffles.

Waffles are old school classic. Many Sydney cafes are making their waffles bigger (or buying them pre-made) but Where's Wolli keeps it real by making them in-house and just how your momma used to. These waffles have a mild sweetness to them, topped with a generous scoop of mascarpone, and a drizzle of maple syrup with seasonal fresh fruit. What I love most about this dish is how intimately authentic it is; it knows it doesn't need to be show-y for you to want it.


Note: This maple syrup drizzle on the side is not served with the meal, the chef pre-pours the syrup himself to ensure regulation of the product and the taste consistency.


Chocolate Tart.

I believe this is the dish that truly embodies what Where's Wolli is all about: playfulness and nostalgia.

Eating it felt like I was being transported back to being my 7-year-old child and stuffing my face with a packet of chocolate Arnott's afghan biscuits.

The menu says it comes with poached pear, mascarpone, and raspberries, but I seemed to have gotten a much better deal. The poached pear had a caramelised creme brulee shell, the mascarpone sat on a bed of biscuit soil, the bruised mint was more than just a garnish - it actually gave the chocolate a hint of tangy peppermint, and the raspberries looked more like a homemade berry jam...


Though it felt like it was somewhat a fine dining experience, the tart reminded me so much of home that for the first time that day I actually felt warm in the middle of the cold and rainy winter day...

Conclusion: New cafe in Wolli Creek is set to dazzle Sydney's cafe scene with its food coming from a chef who is really passionate about the way he prepares food, and thoughtful dishes that offers quality taste with a playful and nostalgic experience with every bite.

Instagram factor: Not the prettiest dishes I've seen, but when there's a choice between pretty or delicious, I'll always choose delicious. Black plating may drown the food out, but black plates on white tables provide that awesome contrast.

Rating on Zomato: 5/5

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