X23 Cafe is an Asian Fusion Cafe located in the hub of Chippendale near the Central Park Mall and the Kensington Street Food Hub.

If you’ve never heard about them before, it is because they are tucked away, hidden amongst the vast and ever-expanding apartment building blocks that fill the area.

What makes X23 so special is the authentic Asian flavours, which comes out in their presentation and the taste. This is not for the faint-hearted; if you love Asian fusion, make your next brunch visit X23.


Teh Tarik - Malaysian Milk Tea

Creamy, not too sweet, and filled with jelly! The Teh Tarik drink is delicious and full of strong tea flavour, off set by a balanced sweetness in the milk, sugar and jelly.


Milo Cereal Killa/X23 LAB Iced Latte

Take 1 cup of dairy milk, a double shot of Mecca espresso, a glass of iced, and a frozen milo milk carton, and what do you get?



Rendang Pulled Beef Burger with fresh cucumber, red cabbage, cheese, fried shallots, prawn crackers on a brioche bun

For those who aren’t aware, Rendang is a spicy meat dish originating in Indonesia, made with coconut milk, chilli, ginger, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, shallot.

It was traditionally served in ceremonial occasions to honour guests, and now enjoyed in Australian cafes to honour foodies!

I’ve never had a rendang burger before, and I really enjoyed it, maybe more so than a non-rendang burger…


X23 Signature Red Eggs with homemade sambal sauce, scrambled eggs, crab, curry leaves on croissant

No wonder they consider this their Signature.

Eggs and Chilli, those two made such a banging combo, one of the most underrated combinations of food ever.

The sambal is spicy, but no where near as spicy as it is traditionally made, which means if you’re into the “not-so-Asian-kind of spicy” like me, your tastebuds will be unscathed.

Just add a dash of fresh lime juice, trust us.


Golden Chilli Crab Pasta with Soft Shell Crab and fried mini buns

Such a simple dish, and my favourite dish of them all.

Spicy angel hair, a whole fried crab, delicious fried mini buns… Is there anything else you want in a dish?

Again, it’s spicy, but it’s the kind of spicy even an “ABC/Chiwi”* can handle.

*Australian born Chinese, Chinese Kiwi (New Zealander)


On the bottom: Pandan-Lah with smooth homemade Kaya jam, lychee, seasonal fruits, and vanilla ice-cream

A delicious sweet dish, that truly puts a unique Asian spin on the usual offerings.

Will satisfy any Pandan lover.

Address: 102/18 Park Lane, Chippendale, Sydney
Price Guide (approx): $25pp


  • Great value meals, generous portion sizes, awesome flavours

  • Authentic Asian flavours that won’t frighten the locals

Needs Improving:

  • Purely photographic perspective, the lighting inside will make your photos blush

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