Petite Bakes: for the most Important Woman in your Life ❤️

This very special post is dedicated to my friend Lily @petitebakesbylily, a passionate home-baker that creates yummy treats for events, parties, but most importantly GIFTS!! Lily is now preparing gift boxes of delicious treats for Mother’s Day, so if you’re in need for something a little extra special, go to her page and send her a message for your very own personalised sweet box for your Mother for Mother’s Day (May 13th) ❤️
Pictured here: Matcha Cheesecake, New Zealand Manuka Honey Marshmallow Bites, and Earl Grey Creme Puff 😋😋😋



Sometimes we ought to express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favourite food, and the sound of laughter at the brunch table when you’ve ordered EVERYTHING from the menu!

I express gratitude for my foodiefam for supporting my instagram journey. Let’s go have brunch sometime!!


Egg Yolk.

Does anyone remember the good ol’ days when we used to soft boil an egg, put it in an egg cup, crack the shell open and spoon out the runny yolk with a piece of bread? Ah... such nostalgia ❤️

Egg in a Jar with wasabi mashed potatoes, edamame hummus, and buttered sourdough soldiers by @cafeoratnek and @cafekentaro.


Food Court Date ❤️

When you haven’t seen your besties in ages, and you tell them to meet at the food court for dinner! 🤣
But seriously though, the @sussexcentre food court is filled with the most IMPRESSIVE cheap Asian eats!

Black Tonkotsu Ramen, Chicken Katsu Curry, Crispy Pork Belly, Roasted Duck on Noodles, Spicy Beef Broth, Pork Gyoza, even Milk Tea! Now don’t you WISH this spread was YOURS?? ❤️❤️


Cold Drip Co. 

I am a little bit obsessed with coffee, especially cold filtered coffee, so when @cold_drip_co asked me to shoot some quick pics for some good drips I thought... of course brew! And FYI, their stuff is rich, bold and so smoooooth it is absolutely criminal... 🤤🤤🤤


Autumn: Life’s way of telling us to let things go...

Here’s a deep provoking thoughts for the day:
As the leaves fall away and cooler become the days, Autumn - the year’s last loveliest smile shows us that life is always bringing about change.
Tell me, were you the same as you were last year? What achievements have you gained, what obstacles have you hurdled through to get here? Since last fall, have you learnt anything new at all? Whatever may be troubling you, Autumn is the time to start anew 😊


A Sweet Matcha Kiss 💚

My favourite thing about Japanese cuisine is their beautifully smooth matcha ice-cream desserts. This one from @yayoiaustralia comes with azuki beans, agar jelly, fruit and brown sugar syrup - a perfectly sweet kiss to end the night even if your date doesn’t 😉


Love Food 💚

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Food is a culture, it has a history, it tells a story, and it forms a relationship with those who share it. In fact, sometimes the only way to get me out of the house and have an actual face to face conversation with people is to tell me there is gonna be food there - nothing against them, I just really like to eat 😁

There are exciting times coming to @cafeoratnek and @cafekentaro this Autumn, a new menu to enjoy with the friends and family you love. Good food, good times, good life. Have you been yet? 💚


A Sweet Autumn Drink.

Summer seldom surprises, but Autumn always amazes. Finally we say goodbye to the hot Sydney Summer and say hello to cooler days and warmer dishes, however there is one drink that still embodies both seasons spectacularly - @qube_on_bay’s Black Sesame Affogato, a beautifully chilled drink with a rich, comforting and aromatic flavour - perfect for those post-Summer blues.



I only ask EVERYONE I know in Melbourne/flying out to Melbourne to get me a beautiful baked pastry from @lunecroissant but so far nobody has risen to the quest.

Would anyone like to get me one???
Pleeeeeeease... 😂😂


Join Me for Matcha?

One of my favourite cafes in Sydney is @cafeoratnek and @cafekentaro. One of my friends told me they had the best matcha, and I’m not even joking - their matcha drinks, lamingtons, creme puffs and tiramisu are absolute masterpieces. I’m often frequenting their space for great photo opportunities, so if any Sydney Siders out there would love to join me on my next shoot there feel free to hit me up 💚


Fall for a Flatlay.

Yesterday I stood on a 4 ft BAR STOOL to get a photograph, which is over twice the normal height of a regular chair. A passerby looked at me and said “WHOA there girl, be careful you don’t fall!” My response, “Don’t worry sir - I only fall for food.” 🤣

Be sure to check out my latest blog post about the dos and don’ts for standing on chairs to get that amazing shot! 



Good food is like a symphony, an elaborate edible composition with a full orchestra of flavours, each dish a component of the symphony’s sonata.
At @cafeclaire.annandale this symphony starts off with a creamy mushroom toastie, seconded by a rich salmon benedict, followed by fruity pancakes, and topped off with a finale French toast.
Thank you @lazypandaishungry@cherri_cupcake, and @sydneycafecrawl for helping me play the assemble from beginning to end 🎵


“French” Toast.

Also known by a variety of names including ‘German toast’, ‘eggy bread’, ‘gypsy toast’, ‘Poor Knights of Windsor’, ‘Spanish toast’, ‘nun’s toast’, and ‘pain perdu’. This dish is typically topped with honey, jam, butter, maple syrup, fruit, bacon, or as you can see here FLOWERS. Goodness, I swear half of Sydney-sider’s daily intake of calories is just flowers 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you @cafeclaire.annandale for your hospitality! A big shoutout to @lazypandaishungry@cherri_cupcake, and @sydneycafecrawl for accompanying me on my day of flower power 🌸🌸


Pour some Cold Drip on me!
...in the name of Love ❤️

I am like most people in this regard, without my daily (quadruple) dose of coffee, suffice to say I’m as functional as a sack of potatoes 🤣 so in the effort to avoid such a vegetative state this has naturally resulted in myself “collecting” coffees whenever I go...
Here is a list of cafes that have served the yummiest coffees I’ve had in Sydney so far:
@qube_on_bay (pictured on front), @deardelicious@coffeebygw@cafekentaro@cuckoocallay_cafe@devoncafe@havencafesydney@welcomedose - thanks guys for the great brews!


Drinks with Friends 🍹

Food is better with friends, so are drinks - and setting up a cute drinks scene at @cafeclaire.annandale 🌸

Pictured here: Pink Angel, Blue Heaven, Mixed Berry Smoothie.

A big thank you to my fav brunch babes @lazypandaishungry@cherri_cupcake, and @sydneycafecrawl for helping me with my shot. Honestly, it wasn’t my best and I could have done a lot better but I’m still happy with how it turned out ❤️


5 Reasons Why You WANT THIS SHOT 📷

I asked you recently who would risk their lives standing on a chair to get a photo, and a STAGGERING 79% said YES!!
From that you have inspired my latest addition to PHOTO BLOG series for beginner foodies, a post called “5 Reasons Why You Should Stand On Chairs to Get That Shot (and Why You Shouldn’t!), where I explore the dos and don’ts of the practice.

Thank you foodie fam for helping me with my project! Every vote counted; every response treasured. Keep a look out for how you can help me write my next one ❤️



Have you met Marilyn? She is one of the beauties being served at @missamericasdiner, except I did request a few alterations... I asked to make her the tallest, fattest, most delicious version of her being that I can possibly eat.
6 patties later and a new hairdo she also became #myprettyburger. I don’t think she would’ve had it any other way 🌹

For those who aren’t as crazy with their stacks you can also get the regular Marilyn with 3 beef patties, cheese, lettuce, bacon and tomato. Thanks @fcba.community for having me at the event ❤️



This post is dedicated to all my beautiful friends on Instagram, which if you are wondering is YOU. Most of you I have never met, but through our interactions of Liking and Commenting we create the bonds of friendship. I feel so strongly for this because about a year ago I truly believed I could never have friendships of this multitude, and then I discovered on the wonderful world of Instagram that love, support, and friendship is possible even at the touch of a screen. Foodies out there, even if our connection is only brief it touches me everyday. Thank you ❤️

I would LOVE to know what inspires you every day, because you all inspire me ⭐️


Black Coffee.

Some people don’t drink black coffee because they think it’s too “bitter”, “burnt”, or they can’t handle its sharpness, but in actual fact a really well brewed black is easily palatable and is just like having a glass of wine - when you stop to savour it in your mouth you will be able to taste fruits, nuts, chocolates, even citrus or mushroomy earthiness!!

My new favourite spot for coffee is @havencafesydney, their attention to detail is unrivalled!

How do you like your coffee? Please let me know, I’d love to get to know more about how you have your brew ☕️


No sugar please, I’m already sweet ❤️

Fact: I don’t have a sweet tooth.
Also fact, @nofailau can make any of their drinks with less sugar, like this Cheese Strawberry Frappe drink that is MY LATEST OBSESSION! It had a gorgeous balance of rose, watermelon and berry flavours that really hit the spot, and at only 25% the normal sweetness - perfect for someone who is already sweet as me 🤣🤣🤣

FYI: no, they don’t give you a flower with your drink, that’s just my quirky motif 🌸


Rich, Dark & Saucy!

I like my Men just like how I like my Soft Shell Crab Spider Benedict from @eggshellentcafe: rich, dark, saucy, and handsomely squished between two soft toasty buns 😉
Thank you for having us over!! 


#myprettyburger most FAQs:

Q: Why did you start this hashtag?
A: Because burgers can be pretty too!! 🌸

Q: Is that flower edible?
A: No, don’t be silly! 🤣

Q: Are you worried that people will go to cafes and be disappointed when they don’t see a flower?
A: Not at all! I’m not afraid of that happening, in fact I encourage it! If the people demand it, they shall have it! 😉



Behold - the Wagyu Rice Bowl that changed my life. It is @anna.juan’s Sydney-famous 2-hr cooked Wagyu Rice Bowl, available at her restaurant @juan.redfern. How did this bowl change my life? Let’s just say... for my entire life I never had the best relationship with rice... until I had rice made by Anna ❤️

Sydney-Siders if you’ve not been here yet get on it!! 😋


It's A Pretty Burger Time!

Pretty burger, pretty pretty burger,
Take some flowers and I’ll put it in a burger,
Pretty burger that’s what’s gonna make pretty burgerrrrrrrrs 🎵

Can anyone guess the adventurous cartoon that inspired the lyrics to pretty burger? I’ll let you muse over this while I go make some bacon pancakes 🥞


A Donut for your Thoughts.

I love a good pun, a game of play on words, the odd dad joke, so I’ve compiled a small list of my favourite donut related phrases:

1. One does not simply... eat just one donut👌🏼

2. Brace yourselves... donuts are coming ❄️

3. I didn’t choose the donut life... the donut life chose me 😎

4. Why BLAZE it... when you can GLAZE it? 🧚🏼‍♀️

Would anyone else like to leave their FAVOURITE DONUT PHRASES IN THE COMMENTS?? I donut mind a little cheeky chuckle today ☺️☺️☺️

Thank you Henny, you make every visit so magical ❤️


My “Trip” to Spain.

Food can do tremendous things; it can bring people together, it is nourishing to the soul, and sometimes it can even take you on a journey. I’ve never actually been to Spain, but the food at @encasaaustralia is so unique, so authentic, so quintessentially Spanish that with only one mere spoonful of their paella I was transported to Valencia and back ☺️

Sydney-siders, if you love Spanish food you must try the Encasa at Lane Cove. I guarantee you will love it.


Geisha Coffee.

Coffee fact of the day. Have you ever heard of GEISHA coffee? It is some of the most expensive coffee in the world, and is highly sought after due to its mesmerising bouquet of aromatics and flavours when brewed as a filter coffee. While most coffee drinkers identify coffee as “bitter” or “burnt”, a well-brewed Geisha coffee produces delicate flavours of earl grey tea, bergamot, and orange peels on the tastebuds, truly unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Wanna try for yourself? David and his team at @havencafesydney tailor an amazing cuppa, which has definitely earned the place as my new favourite coffee house in Sydney ☕️



This photo is a bit out of my style, but this is a BIG THANK YOU to all the foodies, friends, and amazing instafam for liking, commenting, playing my story games and reading my captions and blog posts - you all play an integral part of my life, and even though I struggle to keep up with everything going on right now, honestly when I get to read your sweet and heartfelt messages at the end of a long and stressful day it is all worth while, because there is no fam like the instafoodiefam! Eat, sleep, gram, repeat - now that is love, and love you all ❤️❤️

Thank you @teapluswollicreek for having us over for tea and dinner 🍵


Pink Heavenly Bodies. 💫

Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to propose the heliocentric model that the sun is the centre of our solar system, but Kerabeareats proposes that the Pitaya Pudding is the core of the foodie universe that pulls pink heavenly bodies such bowls, lattes, smoothies, even carnation moons into its orbit.
Did you enjoy my solar system fact? 🌒


Pretty please... 🌸

Some of you might be thinking... Oh look it’s that really pretty burger from @deardelicious with that super duper uber awesome pink flower on it again... Here I’m thinking... Yeah you should go to your nearest flower shop / IKEA and grab yourself a deep fuschia 0.75c carnation, take a picture and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #myprettyburger... And then you’re thinking... YESSSS where’s the nearest garden?
Happy Easter holidays!!