Practising more flat lays with goodies from @rozelleespresso, including pasta, burgers, salad bowls, and their signature salmon dish - all super delicious by the way. I consider myself a flat lay amateur at best, having fun experimenting with all sorts of components like shapes, colours, and using accessories lying around at my disposal, like adding the flowers from outside to the table some texture. I feel like I could’ve done more but I’m not quite there yet! Any suggestions?

Haloumi Stack 2.jpg


A stack is more than just building height, stacking is a true art form with each layer strategically placed with the dish’s flavours in mind, so when you’re eating a stack you’re not just eating random components but a complimentary cuisine the way the chef intended.
It just goes to show that sometimes it’s more than just what’s on the plate, but HOW it’s on the plate.



A piece of kingfish that actually looks like a fish! 🐟
Quite possibly the least “pretty” food item I’ve ever eaten, this kingfish collar with shichimi & furikake was actually my favourite of my night at @monkeyscorner. Another example of some of the best dishes are the ones least expected to be. Definitely worth the try!

IMG_7249 (2).jpg


In an age where camera eats first, it is hard to experience food at its best when there are iPhones and DSLRs pointed from every direction trying to capture the best possible shot - all while the food goes cold. This plate however is one that deserves your attention - the Ox Tongue plate by @monkeyscorner, at luke warm it just tastes like yummy ox tongue, but when it’s hot and eaten right away it has rich waves of smokey flavour that is completely out of this world! So put away your camera quickly and appreciate this dish while you can!


Good things come to those who wait.

This statement could not be more true, for every menu item stating a wait time is always worth hanging around for and has never disappointed. Take for example @monkeyscorner famous Trout Belly Bowl, with a lush thick layer of trout meshed over a warm and hearty serving of Japanese rice, comes with a 30 minute cooking time, but a life time of appreciation.


Let’s try a thought experiment.

Have you heard of Schrödinger’s cat? Well what about Schrodinger’s egg? According to this quantum theory principle it states that without observation one’s poached egg is both soft poached and hard poached at the same time. Confused? It means only by poking it open do we really know what state the egg is really in. So get prodding foodies, for science! 🧐


Like bread, like egg.

Amongst so many cultures is the humble slice of bread a significant part of everyday life. But there are also so many ways to have an egg. Poached, scrambled, boil ‘em, fry them, stick them in a stew... and around Sydney I’m finding that a lot of places are offering a new kind of egg called the Crumbed egg, which are soft poached eggs that have been deep fried to have a crispy exterior while still maintaining that yolky goodness, kind of like a scotch egg but better.

Here we have a “fried” eggs by @chez_sun, poached and wrapped in prosciutto and then deep fried for that crunchy goodness 😋


To Toast,

I’d like to make a toast... to the time I went to @babycoffeeco and had this Avocado Pesto Toast. Toast - the day I met you it was love at first sight. I’ve had my fair share of crunchy bread before but I knew from the moment I tasted your chunky pesto it was like presto - I was hooked. So I just wanted to say... Avocado on Toast, you are truly one of a kind. Cheers, baby.
P.s. thanks to you I can never afford a house in Sydney. Hashtag millennial problems.



Some people think comfort foods are meant to be high in fats and sugars, but I believe that a comfort food is whatever that makes you feel warm when it’s cold out, brings security in times of anxiety, and puts a smile on your face when you’re having a hard day.
My new favourite comfort food is @devoncafe’s Omurice filled with all the comforting things: garlic butter, rice, soft scrambled egg and demi-glaze; a meal to get you through no matter what craziness you’re facing ❤️



You eat with your eyes as much as your mouth, and when a dish looking this good is placed in front of you sometimes it is hard to bring yourself to do the latter...
Here we have “Our Famous Dukkah Eggs” by @twosispyrmont, famous due to the fact that this plate has not only embedded itself in my mind forever but is now been immortalised on our Instagram feeds. In fact I still feel my eyes feasting every time I look at it 😍



Question: if I take a picture through my phone of a dish taken by your phone, does that mean I have taken a photo of the dish or have I simply taken a picture of your phone? Also does that mean that it was you who ultimately took the picture of the dish, or was it I? 🤔
Photo credit: maybe @itd_be_rude_not_toor maybe me... Maybe. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

IMG_6847-Edit (2).jpg

Yolk porn.

Egg yolk is the most beautiful thing to behold, not your average run-of-the-mill,
It’s attractive, a little nauseating, but incredibly rewarding when poked with tremendous skill.
Some yolks are big, some are small,
but no matter the size all yolks are sexy overall.
In all shapes and sizes do eggs come,
But it’s what’s on the the inside is all the fun,
So for those who be so prude to think of egg porn is so rude,
I say - no judging - ‘til you’ve had a little foreplay with your food 😁
Thank you I hope you’ve enjoyed my exciting yolk poem ❤️


But first... Devon.

Any foodie that knows me well also knows that @Devoncafe holds a very special place in my heart. It was the one and only Sydney cafe that I’d been following before moving here, and the one I made sure served my first meal and coffee upon arrival. Suffice to say, it was already decided by the brunch lords above that Devon would become my favourite cafe of all time, and that every visit is like reliving a day of firsts.

Here we have a flatlay-out courtesy of @itd_be_rude_not_to. Thank you Robbie for teaching me how to arrange the table properly for the first time ❤️



Some of us don’t like olives, half of us don’t like cilantro, but that’s no problem when your significant other doesn’t like the things you like so you can have more. However, with enough exposure to some of these foods I know it’s possible for a change of heart... Take Matcha for example; My Love hates Matcha... or at least he did until he tried this gorgeous Matcha Tiramisu from @CafeOratnek, and now I have to share... 😂😂


Keeping it simple ❤️

Today I’ve decided to keep the caption simple! I enjoy writing informative and educational excerpts to entertain the readers but I also get annoyed when I can’t of anything and then I start to overthink and start blabbering on about nothing and then before I know it I’ve got a stupidly long paragraph of intermingling ideas that really have nothing to do with the food at all...
Just kidding guys 😉
On the other hand we have here a Poké Bowl by @devoncafe, a dish so simple it speaks for itself.
Also, Happy Valentines Day! Love you all ❤️



Life is a balance of yin and yang; ebb and flow; black & white. Life is also a balance of salt and pepper, bacon and eggs, and cookies & cream. Such delicious pairings are complimentary for none can be balanced without the other, which is why this beautiful piece of tender Miso Glazed Boneless Beef Belly bedded within an array of stunning fresh greens including lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, kimuchi, coriander and mint is a dish destined to be consumed together, preordained by the flavour gods themselves to be eaten in absolute harmony.

In all seriousness, every Sydney foodie should savour this pull-apart beef belly by @cafeoratnek this summer, and be sure to eat those greens with every bite, I promise you it is a match made in heaven 💚



Pronounced “kon-fee”, from the french word ‘confire’ which means “to preserve”, is a technique used in many dishes of modern cuisine. For example: have you ever had confit duck? Have you ever wondered why it is the juiciest, tenderest, most succulent piece of bird you have ever eaten? Well that is because confit keeps the meat from going dry by cooking it in a pot of its own fat... Not only that, but this method of preservation can keep the duck leg good to eat for months if not years!!
Can’t wrap your head around it? That’s okay, just eat! 😋



Until recently I have dreaded taking a proper flatlay picture. It always looked difficult and no matter how I tried to arrange the table the final photo never came out the way I wanted. I had resigned attempting a flatlay again until one day I decided to change my angle, stand tall, and look at the situation from a new viewpoint...
Now it’s all a matter from looking at the table from above it, as opposed to from the ground.
If a problem seems like it has no solution, try tackling it from a perspective. It is only from this outlook will you begin to see all the possibilities, even if you have to get up on a chair 😉


Fried Eggs.

When your eggs on toast arrive as a unexpected flavour bomb!!! Move over bacon you’re so old school, today we’re having chipotle pulled pork topped with a prosciutto wrapped deep fried egg with creamed corn, cherry tomato and avocado. What an eggsellent breakfast idea!! 😋


Compressed Watermelon

Another one of my favourite dishes worth celebrating is this beautiful Rosewater Compressed Watermelon and Lemon myrtle panna cotta, with bee pollen curd and wattleseed granola. The refreshing and floral watermelon provides the perfect balance with the rich curd, creamy panna and crunchy granola. @industrybeans also do a fantastic brew of coffee; definitely worth the visit when in Melbourne!



If any food was a gesture of love it would be the humble pancake. Forget the box of chocolates, you can just buy that from any old store; the labour and love involved in making pancakes is the ultimate expression of how much you care. Don’t believe me? Cases in point: Want something special for breakfast? Pancakes. The kids want something fun to do? Teach them how to make pancakes. Got a one night stand you hope to be something more? Take them to get pancakes. Who would’ve known that a combination of flour, eggs and milk could ever be so romantic ❤️

With Valentines Day just around the corner, why not consider whipping up a batch this year for your loved ones? Take inspiration from @babycoffeeco and their cinnamon hotcakes: beautiful, delicious, and made with love.


My love, the dumpling.

A fascinating thing I love about food is how it transcends cultural boundaries but shares a common ground. Take a food from any culture, for example the dumpling, and you will find variations of these across the globe: Ravioli (Italy), Samosa (India), Wonton (China), Gyoza (Japan), Empanadas (Latin America), Momo (Nepal), and Pasties (Great Britain) just to name a few. Listing them all would be impossible, but I believe we can agree on one empirical thing: due to its abundance and commonality the dumpling is absolute proof that regardless of what we look like or where we are from, we all share a common love... food.

Kudos to @proudmarycoffee for always breaking boundaries, like with these delicious bacon and egg dumplings from their 2017 menu.


Never judge a book by its cover.

A major aspect of insuring a good photo is without a doubt, presentation. However, as of late I have become quite conscious of missing out on potentially delicious dishes, so rather than going for the prettiest dish on the outside, on this day I went for what was on the INSIDE.

This is Omurice, a garlic butter rice dish topped with a soft Japanese omelette, slathered with a demi-glaze, and is filled with prawn, chicken, or bacon; kind of like a deconstructed egg fried rice. It is by no means the most beautiful dish to behold, but it is quite possibly one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten. Sometimes presentation is everything, every other time it really isn’t 😋



As my time in Sydney draws closer to the one year mark, I’ve been reminiscing about my life before it all began. Having lived in New Zealand since birth and not knowing what I wanted to do for a career or anything long-term I felt extremely lost and unsure if I was going the right direction. Although I was scared to push boundaries and leave my comfort zone, in hindsight I had nothing to worry about; I don’t regret quitting my job or booking that one-way flight to Australia, because what I found across the Tasman Sea was my entire life waiting to start. Back home I felt lost; here it’s like being at home all along 💕

Feel free to get Lost in Black Forest, a luscious and decadent dessert from @devoncafe topped with cherry sorbet and chantilly cream on a brioche french toast sprinkled with chocolate and fresh cherries. Also, thank you @itd_be_rude_not_to for making my hands look less manly!


The Egg.

The simple egg has been for many years a necessity in the basic human diet due to its high protein and good cholesterol content, and exploding over social media the egg has gained much fame to the promising of visual satisfaction when its secrets come spilling out when poked and prodded open with eating utensils. While it is not answered by psychologists what this phenomenon is, I can tell you the phenomenon that goes through my mind when I break open a perfectly poached egg; basically it’s like having monkey brain but with food, and that is no yolk 😁

Behold the Ragu Alla Sichuanese by @devoncafe with a perfectly poached egg, so simple it is fundamental.


A Really Rice Story.

My name is Kera and I come from a Chinese ancestry. However, despite my cultural upbringing I oddly did not like rice. Of course I ate it to appease my parents but in large part I never enjoyed it, not even after moving out and as I became an adult. My disliking for this food continued until I was unsuspectingly brought to @juan.redfern and tried their Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl, and for the first time in nearly three decades did I finally come to appreciate this grain of goodness.

In hindsight, I realise that it was not that I did not like rice, I’d just never had it prepared by @anna8juan


Be Uncomfortable!

Afraid to try something different because you think you might not like it? Just remember it is important that when going into any new venture to leave all your previous experiences with you. Every new dish is an exciting culinary sensation with a host of fresh flavours waiting to be explored, so be brave and let you senses guide you. True that you may have a less desirable experience but that is okay! In fact, that is great! Why? Because there is no bad without the good, for none can exist without the other.

Be uncomfortable. Be open. Ever tried beetroot purée and avocado before? You should. It’s a savoury bomb of goodness! ❤️