Word of the Day.

‘tem·per·ance’ (noun)
Defined as the habitual moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions.

Totally ironic considering the city of Melbourne is exactly the place to be for the overindulgence for hungry tummies and feasting eyes!! Seriously, there is no time for restrictions and limitations in this city, not even for these absolutely luscious hot cakes from the @temperancesociety, where one can do anything but confine themselves to just one serving of anything 😉



“How was your day?”

A simple and understated question that can change someone’s day. In a world where we are all so busy tending to ourselves we often forget that even our seemingly small and insignificant actions can have a big impact on those around us. Giving someone a sincere smile, saying thank you, or even complimenting your barista is choosing to be a positive influence that can literally make someone feel like it’s the worse day in history to the best they’ve ever felt.

Speaking of which, I’ve had lots of fun posting these action shots over the last few days, and I’d like to say thank you, reading your beautiful feedback makes my 4:30am wake up starts all worthwhile ☀️



A healthy body is not without rest. A life receiving unfulfilling without giving. A plate of fish incomplete without a splash of lemon 🍋

Cooking the perfect meal requires a basic understanding of flavours: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. For example let’s take an umami horseradish creme fraiche smoked trout on a bed of bitter radicchio, garnish it with sweet pomegranate, sprinkle a bit of sea salt, and then gently squeeze some tangy sour lemon over the top, and voila you’ve got a meal that is delicious, moreish, and truly scrumptious 😋


But first... coffee!

Hang on wait a second, in fact wait up to 12 hours because that cup of love won’t be ready until tomorrow, and I’m talking about my favourite kind of coffee called a Cold Drip.

This beautiful iced beverage is a subtle brew where filtered cold water drips over coffee grounds and through a spiral feed a deliciously delicate coffee drink is funnelled through. The result: a heavenly elixir ideal for those hot summer days, and a black coffee so mellow and aromatic that any loyal milk drinker could be converted.

It just goes to show that the more love, energy and time you put into something, the better it could be ❤️

download (1).jpg

Standing on chairs... Done!
Instaphotoception... Also done!
New achievement unlocked with @lazypandaishungry! 🏆
What will be our next challenge?


Happy Australia Day!

Today marks 1 year since quitting my job in New Zealand to pursue better opportunities in Australia. Don’t get me wrong I love Sydney and its beautiful beaches and culture, but I miss the milder island summers, cooler nights, and shared breakfasts and laughs with old friends the morning after ❤️

This picture was also taken a year ago, and is a reminiscent throwback of my first foodie photo at the @mountsocialclub, and it was actually the first time I ever stood on furniture to get a shot! Little did I know that this photo would be the beginning of my foodie adventure.

Oh my, what a year it has been ❤️


Thank You!

A BIG thanks to those who have shared lots of love to my page as of late, and extra thanks for putting up with my long as captions including that gross one about figs - though I FIG-ured you could handle it 😆

For those who love EXTRA-LONG captions I have the perfect gift: a food blog documenting my food journeys. If you have time take a quick look - the link is on my homepage. The latest one features this toasty piece of wonder from @qube_on_bay and with foodie @lazypandaishungry. Go on, check it out and share the love! ❤️❤️



One thing I love about living in Australasia is being able to eat delicious seafood everyday, but more importantly having access to environmentally-conscious and sustainable farmed fish.
Deep sea trawling and overfishing has severely diminished the planet’s sea-life population, and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be no more fish in the sea. Luckily for us we have farms to meet our ever-growing seafood obsession and to produce high quality fish that taste great, like these Queensland Scallops by @nicksgroup 🐠 

Choose wisely your seafood supplier; know where your produce is coming from; choose sustainability over excess. I want more fish in the sea for the generations to come! Enjoy life and eat well ❤️


From Book to Plate.

Very common are books based on true events, and movies based on books, but rare is a cafe based on a poem within a book! The Jabberwocky, a fictitious monster that lives in a poem by Lewis Carroll inspired the creation of a beautiful cafe on Crown Street called @cuckoocallay_cafe, and has become a luscious haven to get away from reality and relish in the fantastic - fantastic food that is!

Here we have what they call a Bacon Mac Daddy, a fabulously fluffy croissant spilling with bacon mac & cheese, triple smoked bacon, relish, a soft poached egg, and tossed with some crispy fried shallots. Definitely looks to me like a monster brought to life! 😋


Did you know... 🤔

...that doughnuts were the invention of 18th century Danishmen? In the efforts to preserve bread over harsh winters, they would leave the distinctive circle in the centre of the loaf in order to stack alongside their cheeses. Over time they covered these loaves in glazes and preserves to make it last even longer, thus becoming a staple in their daily diet, and what we call today a “donut”!
Liked that story? Well, much like this doughnut, this tale is full of holes, but it was sweet to read, wasn’t it? 😉


Trivia of the day. 

Did you know that the juicy, tender, luscious figs that we love to eat are actually the remains of female wasps? But don’t worry it’s actually all part of nature, because in order for a female fig plant to be pollinated the female fig wasp needs to burrow into the fig plant to pollinate it, thus losing her wings in the process and she can’t fly out. And don’t get grossed out, the fig plant breaks down her body completely, so you’re not eating crunchy wasp bits! Isn’t that absolutely fascinating!! 😆

Orange Persian Fig Cake from @blackstarpastry is a delight from the baking gods and the undisputed fine work of Mother Nature ❤️


If you like Pina Coladas...

It’s been a busy morning so I’m posting a bit late today, but now that I have a moment to myself I’m thinking I need a vacation... somewhere far away on a tropical island sitting by the water with a Pina Colada in one hand and a sweet strawberry in the other... 🍓

On that note, this beautiful meal at @stickyfingerskitchenandbar reminds me of luscious fruits and tropical cocktails on a sandy beach by the ocean 🏝 I wonder how much flights are to Bali...


That #Instafoodielife

That feeling when your non-foodie friends wonder why you spend so much time taking photos of your food, and then in a moment of doubt you look back at the beautiful plates that enamoured you and say, “THIS IS WHY...”

Food is love, food is life, and I want my life to be filled with as much love, food, and beauty as I can possibly muster.

Case in point: the beautiful Avocado Pesto Toast with a perfectly poached egg and smoked salmon. ❤️


The Proof is in the Pudding.

I have developed an obsession for chia pudding as of late, especially one from @blackstarpastry. Chia seeds are packed with all sort of wonders such as good fats and antioxidants, and provides a beautiful texture to smoothies and breakfast bowls. I like to leave mine soaking in almond milk overnight with a bit of maple, which results in a soft and silky mixture, resembling somewhat like pearls in a milk tea. Add fruits and flowers and it’s a garden in a jar 😍


Having an Inkling.

Have you ever had squid ink pasta? Not only does it look really cool in the bowl but it brings a whole other depth of flavour than just using traditional pasta noodles. This one is a tomato based pasta with crab 🦀

And of course top any pasta off with a beautiful soft poached egg and it’s a meal from the foodie gods 😋


Sideways Shuffle

A blue swimmer crab cake with corn & avocado salsa, watermelon, cucumber & lemon jelly and a 63° poached egg

I’m usually good at finding the most interesting item on the menu for breakfast but in this particular case @cuckoocallay_cafe had me stumped for choice because everything looked so unique and special I wanted to try it all! I certainly made the right choice, however, this was not only beautiful but absolutely delicious. Who knew crab, egg, and watermelon would make such a great combination?! 😋


Still can’t get over the fact that the ramen at @paramountcoffeesydney was absolutely fantastic and was even better than what I’ve had at actual ramen shops! The pork belly was so tender and tasty, the broth so flavourful and delicious, what an unforgettable experience ❤️