Pretty Spring!

Someone once told me you can’t make a spring roll look pretty. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! 🌸🌸🌸

Thanks @theburwoodhotel for really putting a spring in my step for food ❤️❤️


Good Friday 💕

It is the Easter break in Australia, and incidentally also my first day off work in a VERY long time!! So in sheer lazy fashion here is a lazy throwback to the time I ate a @wearenutie donut in front of a spring flower backdrop.

And yes, pink IS my favourite colour. How did you know?


Food for a Unicorn.

The Stellar Acai-Dragonfruit Chia Bowl, a necessary staple for any healthy unicorn - like myself of course 🦄


Pink Crazy 🌸

That is what the folks at  are calling it, their “Pink Crazy” Creamy Millet Pudding is made using generous amounts of pitaya (aka dragonfruit) and millet which is an ancient grain similar to quinoa. This bowl is such a well-rounded breakfast, accompanied with a perfect Pink Pitaya Latte even better 💕


Dirty Rose 🌹

Would you order a Pink Latte... and then drink it with a shot of espresso?? That’s what I did, and I actually REALLY LIKED IT!! How did it taste? Kind of like having a chocolate strawberry milkshake. So else is up for some dirty roses?


#myprettyburger for Breast Cancer Awareness 🌸

Hey Sydney-siders, just another reminder that my friends at @bossburgersofsydney are working hard to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and are currently putting together a fund for research. Drop by the Twin Willows hotel for a visit and grab your favourite Boss Burger with this PINK BUN, and a dollar from every burger sold will go towards this great cause ❤️
Thank you Jamie & his team, @the_chew_crew for putting together this great campaign, for the invite, and of course @gabreal.hungryand @lazypandaishungry my favourite foodie pals and hand models 💕


Bigger is Better!

I asked the bartender to make this cocktail with the biggest flower they had 🌸


New Zealand Pavlova - in Australia.

For all the non-Australasian foodies out there, a Pavlova is NEW ZEALAND invented dessert that is made with meringue, with a crisp crust and a soft and light centre, topped with fruit, whipped cream, and passionfruit sauce. However, this one at @theburwoodhotel is actually really nice, so I guess I have to give them some credit 😉


An Easter Story 🐣🐣

There once was a little chick named Egg, who searched longingly for a true friend. She wandered into a beautiful forest filled with magical purple trees, but she got lost and almost gave up hope until she met Benny, and they fell in love and lived happily ever after in the Easter Egg Forest. 
And that’s how the Eggs Benny Easter Forest came to be 💜
Thank you @twosispyrmont and @paulpayasalad for making my story come true!! ❤️



What a magical way to end tough week, with the “Magic” drink by @twosispyrmont, an iced beverage made with the butterfly pea flower that changes colour from dark blue to purple with a touch of citrus. It was a little sweet for my liking but definitely brightened up my day nonetheless 💜
Thank you beautiful ladies for transforming me into a new aged Alchemist 😆


Your Weather Forecast ☀️

Hi my name is Kerabeareats and today’s forecast is looking to be clear green skies in the morning followed by a shower of Cold Drip Coffee by noon, some sporadic wet patches of Dear Benny hollandaise accompanied by southeastern draft from Chickpea Fritter region with a 100% chance of yumminess! 😋


The Pink Lover’s Start-up Kit! 💕

This is what I call the Beginner’s Pink Lover’s Start-up kit, complete with a Pink Pitaya latte for your morning wake-up call, a Pitaya Millet Pudding to start the day, an ABC smoothie to curb your snack, and an Acai Dragonfruit Chia Bowl for lunch. The rest is up to you to pink for yourself 🌸


A Poem for a Burger ❤️

I Shovelled this burger with one big bite, and Dug into these fries with great delight, what a beautiful meal I Rose my camera to, for #myprettyburger is a dream come true!

Thank you @thegrounds for the burger, and for the cute prop too 🌹


A Starry Morning ✨

I’ve seen many pretty dishes and I thought I’d seen it all until I laid eyes upon this enchanting Stellar Acai Dragonfruit Chia Bowl by @deardelicious, so beautiful I feel like I’m gazing at A Starry Night, or rather Morning ☀️


I like Pink Buns and I cannot lie 🌸

FACT: 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, ALSO FACT: with early detection 93% of the women diagnosed will survive beyond 5 years 😌
To help raise awareness I’ve teamed up with @bossburgersofsydney; for this cause they are topping their burgers with PINK BURGER BUNS to help fund Breast Cancer research, and every burger sold they will give $1 for the fight.
Join them today and join them a good meal and help a good cause 🌸


Short Stop 🍩

I think they call it “Short Stop” because whenever I walk in to see all their delicious donuts on display, my heart stops for a short amount of time ❤️


Once Upon a Flatlay ☀️

Normally when I do flatlays I just focus on making the shapes look symmetrical, but flats are more than that - it’s supposed to tell a story, so I’ve experimented with colours, accessories and for the first time, hands; the result - a picnic under a blue sky, a round sun, leafy grass, and golden sand.

What kind of story shall I attempt next? ❤️
Thank you @deardelicious for letting me shoot your amazing Autumn menu!

Pictured in this photo: Nourish Me Chickpea Fritters, Falafel Bowl, Pink Crazy Pudding, Stella Acai Dragonfruit Bowl, Unicorn Chocolate Pancakes, Mung Falarel Veggie Burger with Charcoal Bun, and Dear Benny w/ Ocean Trout.


🐣 Easter Eggs 🐣 

Easter season is upon us again, and you know what that means... spending time with your favourite chocolate bunny or egg while you watch Netflix on the couch 🤣 However if you do decide to step out into the world why not head over to @twosispyrmont for their EGGS BENEDICT SPECIAL, available only in limited portions so get in quick! ❤️❤️


#myprettyburger 🌺

A couple weeks ago I brought up the idea of a burger decorated with flowers. The next day I asked my followers if they’d like to see a burger with a flower. What did the majority vote? This is your answer! ❤️

Use the hashtag #myprettyburger whenever you upload a burger with a flower! The new trend of 2018! 🌸


See in Colour 🌈 

Every individual sees the world differently; some people see things in black and white, and some people see in purple, green, or rose...
Whatever colour you see the world in, whatever flavour latte you choose, relish in the fact that with only one life to live you SHOULD try something new everyday, for every new experience is another colour seen ❤️

Taro, Matcha, and Rose latte by which colour do you see?



Would you travel one hour the opposite direction of home to have a burger?? I WOULD!! Right now @burger_patch in Chatswood have a special Korean Crispy Chicken and it is OFF THE CHARTS HELLA GOOD!!! In fact this burger is so good that I may be rethinking my favourite in Sydney... 🤣🤣🤣


Dirty Matcha 🍵

Sydney-side foodies have probably had a Dirty Chai, but what about Dirty Matcha? Simply add a shot of your favourite espresso blend to your green tea latte. My favourite is an Almond milk Dirty Matcha with honey on the side. How’s that for your next favourite?
Thanks @twosispyrmont for the brew ❤️

Aussie Stack (low).gif

5 Second Stack! 🍔

I dedicate this clip to my burger babes and boys out there, may your upcoming week be as beautiful as this godly stack of glory. Thanks @burger_patch for the Triple Aussie Stack, you bloody good legends!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Kusuka ❤️

Last night I attended the grand opening for’s newest venture on Sussex Street, Sydney. Owners Liz and Mario have worked tirelessly to create a gorgeous space for foodies and Sydney-siders alike to enjoy their favourite Indonesian bowls, galaxy drinks and Pink Rose Lattes in style. Here we have their signatures Taro, Matcha and Rose lattes in a cone.

Right now they are doing 10% off all food and drink purchases and a free gift with every purchase over $30. Pop in, they’d love to meet you! ❤️


How MATCHA do you love HOTCAKES???

Calling all matcha and hotcake lovers alike - you gotta try this matcha madness stacked with fresh cream, caramelised creme brûlée banana, fresh berries, a shot of chocolate swirl and a scoop of heavenly luscious ice-cream!! Oh and do I see a fig in there somewhere?? 😜
Special currently running at @twosispyrmont


I’m just a girl with a camera taking pictures of my food because I love it ❤️


On Wednesdays We Eat Pink!! 💕

Move over açai bowl, the mother of dragonfruits is coming home to roam! 🐉 
Just look at this gorgeous Dragonfruit Bowl full of thick and luscious pink goodness, its rosiness flushed with toasted granola and laced with beautiful berries and tropical starfruit; one of many incredibly delicious delights from @espresso_on_sussex - one that will make you say... that is so fetch!!! 


French Toast.

Did you know that French Toast is not actually French? It is believed to have originated in England anywhere between the 15th-17th century, dubbed by royals as “pain perdu," meaning “lost bread” in French, because the bread was “lost” in the egg-milk mixture. Today, it’s a beloved breakfast staple everywhere, and is served with fruit, ice-cream, or even bacon like the one pictured here, but you can’t see it because it’s lost, so does that mean it’s served with French Bacon? 🤣
@espresso_on_sussex 😋


A Limerick for Food

I had this dessert the other day, it was pretty SWEET... 🍬
I am trying to FIG-ure out what was this little treat... 🍓
My ideas are somewhat CHEES-Y... 🧀
And life ain’t a piece of CAKE or breezy... 🍰
But I DONUT know, so I’ll just eat 🍩
feat. @thetinygiantpetersham


Right place, right time.

Sometimes the best incidents are happy accidents. Most days I take pictures of food and not much else, but on the odd occasion I capture more than just a meal. My friend @lazypandaishungry was holding this plate and unbeknownst to @clairemccheah she grabbed a fry not knowing we were setting the scene. She thought she ruined the shot, but turns out she was in the right place at the right time. Oh happy accident, happy meal ❤️


Burger 🍔 

In all my time of food adventures I’ve never encountered a burger so pretty. I mean, look at that perfect sauce oozing over the slaw atop a crispy chicken patty. The instaburger has a reputation of being a masculine food, but I reckon if we put a flower on top we can start a trend 🤣😁🤔
Thanks @thetinygiantpetersham for #myprettyburger


A Sweet Kiss 😘

Do you know why people have sweets after their meal? It’s a way to say “goodnight” to your tastebuds, like a sweet goodbye kiss. So what does that say about people who have sweets BEFORE their meal? I think it’s means... let’s get down to business, baby! 😏

Thanks @thetinygiantpetersham for our just desserts 🍮

Goodnight Sydney-siders and for everybody else... love you all and have a sweet day!! ❤️❤️


Tiny but GIANT.

Thank you @thetinygiantpetersham for indulging us with this big feast for the afternoon 😁 For a little cafe they sure pack a lot of character into their food and service. We were in a bit of a rush so I didn’t get to experiment much with my flats, but I think it turned out pretty well in the end when I kind of went with the flow. I think I’ll play around more with table setting, it’s definitely an art form! Thanks instafoodies for constantly inspiring me!!



There are many types of foodie photographers on Instagram; some do flatlays, some are home-cooks, but I think my favourite types are the table setters. Today I attempted my first table setting, and I used some flowers from IKEA as well as my friends shirt that she took off coz it was too hot. How did I go?

Behold, the new Banoffee Tart with fairy floss from @thetinygiantpetersham, a dessert to satisfy and inspire 💕


Signature 🖤

Every artist leaves a mark, and every chef has a signature dish - something that is a part of their style and soul; an edible representation of themselves. Chef @ryan__qiu.c from @themewsmosman has signed his signature for the season - Crabs in Black. It really does look like a painting, and tastes like for sure to leave a mark on the Sydney food scene this year.


You’re bacon me get down and dirty, baby.

Actual instructions word-for-word from the man who served us this Bacon & Egg Roll:
“Grab it with both your hands, smoosh together, take a bite and let the egg yolks roll down your arms *points towards the washroom* restrooms are there to wash yourself - enjoy!”
@babycoffeeco, providing the ultimate foodie experience 👌🏼