I’m really into fitness...

Fitness big bad boy into my MOUTH!! 😜😜😜

Throwback (before myprettyburger days) to this amazing Triple Stacked Aussie Burger from @burger_patch - with MAJOR EGG PORN it’s sooo much EXTRA!!! 😍😍

Wait - does this mean burgers can be brunch now?? 🤩🤩



I like big spreads and I cannot lie
You other foodies can’t deny
When a cafe releases a really cool dish
From 5 Loaves & 2 Fish
You say YUM!!
Thanks @5l2f.cafe for having us over for a big feast!! ❤️


New Achievement Unlocked!!

That feeling of EXTRA when you spend your entire foodie career trying to noodle pull... and your non-foodie friend @juliafiereg gets it in one go 🤣🤣

Thanks @meetmicasydney for the invitation to try your new Duck Soba Noodles 😋


Don’t settle for anything less than magic.

@paddockoncrown has gone through a whole new makeover the past 8 months - new look, new menu and LOTS OF FLOWERS!! That’s right - for once I didn’t bring my own flowers to brunch 🤣


Food Recommendation Time ❤️

Lebanese food is some of the exquisite food in the world, and @saltvinetapas has a little piece of that magic ✨ Their food is simple yet delicious, dishes generous and rich in flavours and freshness, and is hands down some of the best food I’ve ever had in this city ❤️


One Sweet Day ❤️

@thetinygiantpetersham - home to the Rainbow Bagel, Pakmak Floss Waffles and French Toast makes the SWEETEST treats for all my beautiful Unicorn friends out there 🦄

Honestly, the food here was a tad bit sweet for my liking, but the rest of my crew loved it 😜


Guess the Food!

Can you Fig-ure out what’s on top of this stack? When I tell Yuzu you’ll be like “Gateau of here, really?!” I’ll reply “I soy-er I’m telling the truth!” also Salmon ... Sorry nothing really rhymes with Salmon, though I have a fishy suspicion one of you lovelies will tell me 😜

Pictured here: the Yuzu Soy Salmon Gateau by @auverscafe, so beautiful I’m at lost for words... sort of 🤣


Poké Bowls!

Pronounced 'po-kay,' people often pronounce it 'po-kee,' or worse, 'poke’. However, 20 points for anyone who orders it and asks for a Pokémon bowl 🤣

A BIG THANKS to our friend Ibz for setting us up with his favourites: Shoyu Salmon with Avocado, Shoyu Tofu, Spicy Ahi Tuna, and Ponzu Kingfish with an Onsen Egg - it was an absolutely delightful meal ❤️


Pavlova Pancakes 🥞

My visit to @lof_rhodes was met with a homely and nostalgic dessert - Pavlova Pancakes - so yummy it made me yearn for home a little ❤️ I loved the FLUFFY pancake stack with the LIGHT CRISP of the Pavlova and the citrus TANG of the Passionfruit and CREAMY custard... NOM!!


Makmak ❤️

There’s nothing better than having your favourite macarons by @makmakmacarons, or perhaps having them served on a bed of beautiful flowers 💐

Flavours here: Raspberry Shortbread Cheesecake, Blueberry, Strawberry Almond, Cookies & Cream, Fairy Bread, Nutella, and Mango & Passionfruit (my favourite!!) 😋



Things are getting 🔥 HOTTER 🔥 at @theburwoodhotel, with chef @chef_adamcremona headlining his new Nashville-style burgers like this MOUTH-WATERING Triple Wagyu Beef Burger - so good I guarantee this will be your new favourite burger destination in Burwood!



Pasta, toasties, and dessert... a Carbolicious spread that is basically an Atkin dieter’s foodie nightmare... or heaven 🤣🤣

All profits from the sales of the Song Kitchen go towards the charity in support of domestic violence against women, which means that the food here is not only delicious but also goes to a good cause. Hope to see more of you Sydney-siders there ❤️


How I Know My Inner Child is a Foodie ❤️

I love getting my hands dirty and playing with my food;
I can’t sit still in my seat so I’m always climbing chairs;
A food fight is the only conflict I’m interested in;
AND I don’t get embarrassed when I get food on my face, in fact I encourage it! 😜
...I didn’t choose the foodie life, the foodie life chose me 😉

Thanks for indulging my non-food post today ❤️ Swipe to see Mr Kerabeareats, my new friend @cookieboyle, and the Miffy cakes for my niece’s 1st birthday that I celebrated last week 🎁

Today’s post was inspired by @betweenballoons and his red balloon 🎈


Dessert Breakfast Fusion (DBF)

That’s what I’m calling this new phenomenon of food, which is also an excuse to wake up your sweet tooth’s in the morning 😜 and think about it - if a dessert is a goodnight’s kiss, then a DBF is the quick seconds you have the next day 😉


Them Hollan-days...

Is #hollandaiseporn a thing?
Don’t you wish you WERE this stack... 🤤🤤🤤


Art & Food.

Who says food isn’t an art form? Be it on a plate or a picture there is happiness and love painted in the food you eat and the artist who made it for you.

At @auverscafe whether it’s a Yuzu Salmon Gataeu or Eggs Nest Fritters, each masterpiece dish comes with a touch of passion, a stroke of deliciousness, and garnished with a generous helping of YUM 😋


What makes Red Velvet RED??

Most of you are saying, “It’s red food colouring!!” but you are only partially correct... See, it’s also the reaction between the vinegar and buttermilk that reveals the stark redness naturally occurring in cocoa, but what I believe truly makes Red Velvet red... is LOVE ❤️ ☺️☺️☺️

Have you tried @lof_rhodes Red Velvet Pancakes? You’ll definitely want to, especially when it is slathered in chocolate sauce 🤤🤤🤤


The Sweet Little Bunny.

What’s better than cupcakes? Miffy the Rabbit cupcakes 🐰


Acqua Pazza.

Italian for “crazy water” is a white fish dish that is typically poached in a light white wine broth. For this Mother’s Day @cafekentaro and @cafeoratnek make it with Japanese twist - Saké 😋 -
Swordfish, Calamari, Octopus, Pipies, Mussels, Garlic, Olive oil, Soy sauce, Saké & Basil 🌿



...and you thought the flower had disappeared 👻
If you ever find yourself in Dural, know that there is a place where you can find really good food out in the Hills called @hillsorganics. Everything is nutritious, organic, and made with love: just like #myprettyburger ❤️


A Feast for a Queen!! 👑

Those Privy with keen eyes may have noticed that I’ve been posting this Royal Spread without a location... Welcome to @thejunctioncoffeeco where all your foodie dreams Reign true!! Bring your Entourage, snap a pic and Proclaim this Table to be yours!! With meals to Empress you’ll be dreaming about this spread all Knight! 😜



I finished way too fast.


Eat Well, Be Well ❤️

Try to spot your fav dish... we have Waffles, Eggs Benny, Acai Bowl, Donuts and Burgers... Now what if I told you that this entire spread was organic/mostly vegan - even the donuts - would you still think it looks DELICIOUS??? 😋😋😋

Nutritious, healthy food does not have to come at a sacrifice of taste, you just gotta know where to look, and trust me - everything always tastes BETTER when it’s ORGANIC ❤️
Thanks @hillsorganics hosting us!


Dorayaki 🥞

Pancakes shared with friends with always batter 😉

There is a new street food stall open in Chinatown Burwood called Fujimi Dorayaki, specialising in miniature pancakes filled with yummy fillings such as red bean, peanut butter, and strawberry ice-cream!! They also do freshly pressed juice, which in all honesty is the best juice I’ve ever had ❤️

Thanks @burwoodchinatown for looking after us 🙏🏼



Most people do all-night benders, but I prefer to rave the cafe scene during the day. However beware - this foodie addiction lifestyle does have its afflictions!
Brunch Bender Syndrome Symptoms may include:
1 • A severely diminished wallet from over-ordering of dishes;
2 • Multiple bouts of “I’m never eating again...”
3 • Passing out on the couch with a French Toast Coma;
4 • Waking up that evening and feeling sick with a Pancake Hangover;
5 • Finding stains on your clothes wondering, “How many yolks did I poke that morning?” 🤣🤣

Thanks @girdlers_cafe for this epic spread, I definitely felt the effects of your pancake 😆


Love Your Mother ❤️

Flowers? Predictable 😆
Breakfast in bed? Na-ah, brunch with her later babe 😘
Chocolates? Come on, you can do better!! 😉
Treat your mum with a personalised sweets box by @petitebakesbylily; choose your mum’s favourite cakes, bites and pastries and get it delivered just in time for Mother’s Day. Lily is taking orders now so get in quick before time runs out!!
Pictured here: New Zealand Manuka Honey Marshmallow, Earl Grey Cream Puffs, and Matcha Cheesecake ❤️


“Describe your perfect date.”

My perfect date would be a long walks on the beach, watching movies, or having romantic indoor picnics with cheese foam teas, takoyaki, and fried lotus chips at @teapluswollicreek ❤️❤️
But seriously though, who knew you could get a proper dinner at a milk tea house? 😁😁


Banana Pancakes.

Nothing beats a plate of Banana Pancakes than having someone pour maple syrup all over from half way up the photo 😍
Pictured here are @girdlers_cafe Almond Milk, Coconut & Banana Pancakes with Pistachios, Homemade Goodtella, Seasonal Berries & Vanilla Coconut Yoghurt.


Do you like MEMES?

I have a NEW BLOG POST called “21 First World Insta-foodie Problems”, and it’s about - you guessed it - the top 21 problems EVERY foodie has encountered on their journey to get that perfect shot, plus everyone’s favourite: MEMES!! Check it out, I know you will relate to them ❤️

What is your top foodie problem? I’d love to have a chuckle today, let me know in the comments ☺️☺️

Big thanks to @loveatfirstbite_aus@scrumptious_munchies@dustbunny077@foodbaby._ and @mr_toriga for helping me out!

Big spread courtesy to @leichhardtespresso, and yes I had to stand on a chair coz that table was TOO DAMN HIGH! 🤣


Food & Recovery ❤️

If you have read my blog, you will know that I have never had a great relationship with food. Long story short: food was a big demon in my life, a constant struggle and it almost killed me. However, as I became acquainted with healthy ingredients and secured knowing my food came from trusted sources my relationship with food strengthened; in the end it was food that saved me, food like the Simple, Honest, Goodness kind by @girdlers_cafe 😌

I encourage every person out there that is struggling with an eating disorder to reach out to someone who loves and cares so you won’t have to deal with your demons alone. Also, I am here for anyone who needs an ear 💕💕💕

Pictured here: FROM PORRIDGE WITH LOVE: Rolled Oats gently cooked in Organic Coconut & Almond Milk with Poached Cinnamon Pear, Raw Choc Bites, Fresh Berries & Hinterland Honey 🍯


“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Any Shakespeare lover out there will know what this line means, however in this context I think it best to say that if food were the music of love, at @songkitchensydney I would be in audio phonic Shangri-la ❤️

Food by Song Kitchen is not only delicious but goes towards the fight against Domestic Violence against Women. Spread the awareness and pay a visit to an establishment that gives back to the community you live in and cares about the women you love 💕